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How to Qualify for a Business Loan: What Matters and What Doesn’t

There is so much involved with how to qualify for a business loan. It helps to see it broken down to where it isn’t so overwhelming. It all starts with fundability, then decisions have to be made on which lenders to use and what products to apply for. From there, it’s all up to the business plan.

How Do Lenders Measure Business Fundability?

Lenders look at way more than you probably think when they are considering business fundability. There are a ton of factors that can affect it, both directly and indirectly. Knowing what matters, and what doesn’t, can help you build strong fundability so you can what you need when you need it.

Eliminate Business Failure and More –10 Brilliant Business Tips of the Week

One way to help eliminate business failure is to treat your employees right. And you need to do so from the very start. This goes beyond education and training and providing regular feedback. How else? Find out inside.

Minority Startup Business Loans: What You May Not Know

Minority startup business loans are not what most expect. Typically, they are simply loans available to everyone that work better for minorities than other loan products do. How do you know which is which?