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We’re on a mission to help over 500,000 entrepreneurs and small businesses find real growth through building Fundable businesses and accessing capital. There is a real Cash Access Problem that small business owners face everyday and that’s why we’re the pioneers behind Fundability and a holistic approach to business financing.

Credit Suite Story

While Credit Suite started in 2014 the story really begins well before that. Ty, having almost lost everything when his mortgage business went under in the 2008 financial crisis was determined! He wanted to find a way to teach business owners about business credit and separating the liability of their business from themselves personally.

At the same time Megan was leaving her business banking job and consulting business owners how to get ready for financing and what to do BEFORE they apply for that loan. Fast forward a couple of years and Ty’s company becomes a customer of Corperate Credit Concepts a company that Megan worked for at the time.

In 2014 Ty and Megan joined together and Credit Suite was formed! Since then the purpose of Credit Suite has always been centered around helping entrepreneurs and business owners navigate the complicated world of business credit and lending.

Credit Suite’s Growth Built on Years of Experience

2008 Start Year 2012 PHASE 2 2014 PHASE 3 2018 PHASE 4 2022 PHASE 5 Ty & Megan Team UpTy and Megan finally team up to help business owners Ty's IdeaTy's mortgage business fails and his new mission is to help business owners with Business Credit Credit SuiteTy and Megan officially form Credit Suite to help clients build business credit and get funding The future of Business FinancingCredit Suite and Fundability help entrepreneurs access capital through coaching and new software Real GrowthCredit Suite begins to hire quickly and has helped over 30,000 businesses with Fundability, business credit, and lending

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Constant learning builds better teams and tools.


We innovate and create powerful solutions to make our clients lives better.

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Extreme ownership means when we create something we constantly improve it, and when it fails we fix it.


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Passion is fuel to power through adversity and do am azing things.