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What Are UCC Filings?

UCC filings can help you get the funding you need. However, if they aren’t handled properly, they could end up hurting your approval chances. Find out why, and what you can do it right now.

Big Changes with WEX Fleet Cards Regarding Personal Guarantees

WEX is a major provider of fleet fuels cards. Until recently they were one of a very few business credit providers that did not always require a personal guarantee. That is no longer the case. Find out how this could affect your business now.

Complete House Flipping Guide: Practical Tips From A Seasoned Investor

If your market is like most markets across the nation right now, it is a hot seller’s market, and finding a good deal is extremely difficult. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on your goal of flipping houses. It just means that you need to develop creative ways to locate profitable deals. This usually means finding houses to buy outside the traditional route of going through a buyer’s agent.

What is Expensify Used For?

What is Expensify used for? It is a money management tool that can help simplify business expense management and tracking.