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House Flipper Financing

To qualify for an investment property line of credit, you often need good to excellent credit. Plus you need to have a history of successful real estate investments. In general, you must own the property for at least one year before you are eligible.

5 Credit Myths Debunked

There are a lot of Credit Myths floating around, especially when it comes to business credit. Arm yourself with the truth so you know where you stand.

Using Credit Cards to Fund Your Business

Thinking about using credit cards to finance your business? We show you some stellar credit card choices. Yes, you can build your business on credit and keep your personal savings intact.

401(k) Plan Financing

The only documents the lender wants to see are your 401(k) statements. The last full statement should be one of them. After the lender reviews your 401(k) statements, you can receive your initial approval and funding in 3 weeks or less. You can get a working capital credit line to use for whatever purposes you want.