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Phone Systems for Businesses to Maximize Productivity

Choosing the right phone systems for businesses makes all the difference when it comes to productivity. Look for features such as easy transfer, call forwarding, team messaging and more to ensure you can run your business in the most efficient way possible.

5 Good Credit Business Loans to Leverage Your Responsible Financial Management

After crunching the numbers, choosing the right lender and loan will most likely come down to personal preference. For a term loan or an SBA loan, if you can get either from the bank where you have your business bank account—and all the other variables look good—then that is probably the best way to go. This is because banks have their own internal scoring system and ratings. Using more bank products like a small business loan can help your business out. Better bank ratings can help you get a second small business for more money later. There are reasons to choose where you already have your business bank account which go beyond simple convenience.

How Does the Work of Business Data Agencies Like LexisNexis Help Small Businesses?

Artificial intelligence from LexisNexis helps businesses make informed decisions when determining whether to extend credit to another business. For small businesses looking to accept (for example) Net 30 terms, it’s vital to know if the other company will pay on time.

How Does the Business Loan Application Process Factor into Fundability™?

For virtually all business loans, particularly if your business is new, you will need to provide a PG. Hence, you provide personal details and they will likely perform a ‘hard pull’ to check your credit history.

To check eligibility, a loan provider will review your business plan. They often check personal credit. Personal FICO score is often a factor in lending terms and interest rate.