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Business Bank Account

Business Fundability™

Most business loan and credit applications get denied for EASY things you can quickly fix and improve. Lenders call these factors Fundability.  How strong your Fundability is determines how credible your business is in the eyes of lenders and credit issuers.  And, it reflects your businesses ability to get money, get higher approval amounts, and the best financing terms.

This page has links to the best and most affordable solutions to easily, quickly, and affordably set up your business Fundability foundation the right way. This is the key to getting more approvals, higher approval amounts, and the best financing terms. 

Business Entity

You must have a business entity setup to qualify for almost all types of business financing and credit.  This is one of the first checks lenders use to determine if they should even consider your application for financing.  You’ll be given preferential treatment by lenders if your business entity is a corporation or LLC.

When you sign up for the $39 formation service, Northwest will provide everything else you need to get your LLC, Corporation, or Nonprofit started.

Northwest Registered Agents is the best in the business for helping with entity and EIN setup. 

  • A fully formed Business
  • Registered Agent Service
  • Fundability Ready™ Business Address
  • Mail Forwarding
  • Northwest Privacy by Default® 
  • Northwest Corporate Guide® Service

Business Bank Account

Many lenders will lend you money just because you have consistent money going through your business bank account. But, most lenders will NOT lend you money if your business doesn’t even have a bank account. Plus a dedicated business bank account can protect your personal finances and make the IRS happy!

Get your dedicated business bank account with NorthOne and get 3 months free just because you're a Credit Suite Family Member! 

North One is an online bank that offers excellent business bank accounts.  They’re completely online and easy to get approved with.

  • Send ACH and wire payments from your phone or computer
  • Move cash for free through one of America's largest network
  • Make mobile check deposits
  • Get human support on your schedule
  • Connect to your favorite business apps including PayPal, QuickBooks & Square

Business Address

Many lenders and credit issuers won’t approve you for business financing with good terms unless your business has a separate address.  P.O. boxes, UPS and iPostal mailboxes, and home addresses are not preferred, many lenders will instantly deny you credit and financing if you use one of those address types on your financing application.  

If your business isn’t in a retail or commercial location, consider a virtual office instead.  These give you the same credibility as a big business, without the expense.   

Alliance Virtual Offices provide the best and cheapest option for virtual offices.  Click Here to go to their site, search for your city, and choose the cheapest option.  You ONLY need the Platinum Plan.  

If you’re in a smaller town, you may need to choose a location in a bigger city close to you. We’ll have their team contact you as well in case you’d like assistance. 

Get a fully Fundability Ready™ Business Address with Alliance Virtual offices. 

Alliance Virtual Offices provide the best and cheapest option for virtual offices.  Click Here to go to their site, search for your city, and choose the cheapest option.  You ONLY need the Platinum Plan.  

  • Build trust and credibility with a commercially recognized address.
  • Your Virtual Office is much more than a business mailing address.
  • Fundability Ready™ Business Address
  • 1000+ Locations
  • Use for opening a bank account
  • Protect Your Home Address

Website URL

Lenders see a credible business as one that owns their company url, such as  If you don’t own your own domain, it’s more difficult to access the credit and financing you need to grow.  Make sure you grab your domain for your company before someone else does!  

Simply Click Here to go to Go Daddy’s site, click the “sign in '' drop-down in the top right, then select “create an account” and set up your account.  Once your account is set up, you can easily search for your company domain and grab it very cheap.

Get a business domain name that is dedicated to your business and easy for prospects and customers to remember! 

Once you create a GoDaddy account you'll be able to search for the best available domain name to match your business!  

  • Buy domain names
  • Lenders and Credit issuers will check your domain name
  • Fundability Ready™ Business Email Address
  • Use the resource below to add a site to your domain

Business Website

Having a professional website is essential for lenders and credit issuers to know that you have a legitimate and credible business.  But, most websites cost $5,000 or more, which is why some businesses don’t have them.    

Here’s a great source who can build a great website that helps your Fundability and helps you attract more customers, and do it for $300 or less.  Click Here to go to ProfitLifter™  to review your website options.

Get a business website created and added to your domain name, just having the domain name is not enough. ProfitLifter™ can get you an affordable site and even offer you a fully customized site to showcase your business.

Get a business website created and added to your domain name. Just having the domain name is not enough. You'll need some basic content. 

  • Fast and Simple website
  • Lenders and Credit issuers will check your info on your site
  • Fundability Ready™ Business Website
  • Can add more to the site as you grow to boost your marketing and sales! 

Business Phone

One of the easiest ways to get an application for financing or credit denied is to use a mobile or home phone on the financing application as your business phone; you must avoid this at all costs.  

It’s easy and very affordable to get a business phone number for your company. And, you can easily forward calls from your business line to your cell phone for more convenience.  

Your business phone matters! Not all VOIP providers are created equal. RingCentral is THE phone provider for a Fundable business. We have a prefered relationship with them. Start by filling out a quick form. 

RingCentral has proven to be the easiest and cheapest way to get a separate phone number for your business.  Click Here for their direct link to get setup.  

  • Fast and Simple phone for your business
  • Scalable solutions like SMS & Video
  • Fundability Ready™ Business Phone
  • You own the phone number
  • Can be listed with 411

Merchant Account

Having a merchant account helps your business be more Fundable, because most credible businesses have the ability to accept credit cards from their customers.  

But, merchant accounts can also become one of the largest expenses your business has, because of unnecessary fees.

EncompassPAY can approve you for a new merchant account. And, they’re one of the ONLY sources who let you process credit cards at 0% versus the 3-5% almost all others charge.  Click Here for their direct link.

Are you able to accept credit cards from your customers? A merchant account can help you with this. 

EncompassPAY can approve you for a new merchant account. And, they’re one of the ONLY sources who let you process credit cards at 0% versus the 3-5% almost all others charge.  Click Here for their direct link.

  • Accept credit cards 
  • Online reporting
  • Fundability Ready™ Merchant Account
  • Free Support
  • Integrations! 

Personal Credit Improvement

Your personal credit quality is an important factor in getting more approvals and better terms.  Many entrepreneurs are risk takers, and their credit quality reflects that by showing derogatory items that resulted from struggles experienced building their business. 

Lexington Law is the top credit improvement company in the country. They specialized in fixing credit quickly, so entrepreneurs can then qualify for more funding and better terms.

Would you like to get pristine credit to get more money at better terms?  Click the button below to meet with Lexington Law and get your free credit report and improvement recommendations.

Lexington Law has a proven track record of being the top and one of the most affordable credit improvement companies in the country.  Click Here for their direct link to get setup.

  • Help repair damaged personal credit
  • Help building new positive credit
  • Free initial credit report and repair recommendations
  • Affordable pricing and easy to get started

Personal Credit Monitoring

Your personal credit score from Experian, Equifax, and Transunion is important. The number one way to get a strong personal credit score or improve a weak one is to make payments consistently on time.

Business credit can help to assure that business expenses and the debts of running a business do not show up on your personal credit reports.

Do you know what’s on your personal credit reports now?  Click the link below to access your consumer reports for only $1 for 7 days.

Note: We have partnered with various companies to provide personal credit monitoring and may make a commission when you use our link. This has no impact on the price you pay.

MyScoreIQ® has proven to be the easiest and most affordable ways to access accurate, 3-bureau reports with FICO scores.  Click Here for their direct link to get your reports.

  • 3-Bureau Reports & FICO® Scores
  • 1-Bureau Daily Monitoring & Alerts
  • Dark Web &I nternet Monitoring
  • Fraud Restoration

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Fundable Business?

A business is Fundable if a lender or credit issuer believes they are a good risk and are willing to give them money or credit or both. It is to effectively demonstrate to a credit provider or a lending institution that a business is set up properly and can pay back any loan or extended credit.

What Does Fundability Mean?

Credibility or legitimacy are fairly close to Fundability, meaning that a business doesn’t appear to be ‘fly by night’. But the Fundability definition goes beyond just looking and acting the part. It also encompasses the ability to pay back any extended credit or loans. The Fundable word meaning holds both concepts, which work together. 

Businesses which are set up well will help to convince a lender or credit issuer to loan money or extend credit.

What are Fundable Businesses Like?

Fundable businesses have some details in common, regardless of industry. 

A Fundable business pays attention to details. They take the time to make sure all their information is correct and uniform wherever it is. They research vital information, such as any licensing they must have and what the market is like for their goods or services. 

They also practice financial responsibility, and pay back their debts on time. They keep their bank account in the black. And they work with professionals who can do the books and file taxes properly.

Another characteristic of Fundable businesses is that they plan ahead. If a Fundable business is seasonal, it puts away capital for the off-season, or it adds another good or service which is in demand during the off-season. They set up with the business credit bureaus and make sure transactions are reporting, since they know they may need to lean on business credit later. They have a vision and a business plan. 

What are Some Fundable Business Ideas?

There are Fundable business opportunities everywhere because virtually any type of business can become Fundable. Fundable projects can include any industry, although less risky industries can be seen as more Fundable. Incorporating is also vital—any sort of corporation will always do better than a sole proprietorship or a partnership, no matter how much the partnership or sole proprietorship is within a Fundable range.

What is a Fundable Business Plan?

A well thought-out and professionally prepared business plan will support what the business and its owners say about their ability to pay back extended credit or loans. It will showcase a Fundable business model where a company is put together legitimately, crossing all T’s and dotting all I’s.

How Do You Create and Maintain Business Fundability?

You can check on your business’s Fundability by comparing how your business is doing versus any of the above sections. If your business does not yet have a dedicated business bank account, for example, then it will be less Fundable than a business which does. 

How Long Does it Take to Achieve Fundability?

You must work on Fundability throughout the life of the business. A lot of the work comes up front, with building your Fundability Foundation™. Yet keeping records consistent, maintaining good payment histories, and how your business applies for financing will need to be worked on again and again. Since laying the groundwork covers so many different Fundability factors, we recommend making it a priority.

Who Offers Fundability?

Only Credit Suite! Others might claim to be able to help with business “credibility” or might even call it Fundability. But Credit Suite has been developing Fundability for years and we’ve used our experience in helping over 50,000 businesses find financing success! We're also the only company that truly breaks Fundability down into easy to use software for your business.