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401(k) Plan Financing

The only documents the lender wants to see are your 401(k) statements. The last full statement should be one of them. After the lender reviews your 401(k) statements, you can receive your initial approval and funding in 3 weeks or less. You can get a working capital credit line to use for whatever purposes you want.

Is an SBA Startup Loan Right for You?

Is an SBA startup loan right for you? There is only one way to know. You have to understand what they offer, and what it takes to qualify.

PayPal Business Account: Do You Need One?

Do you need a PayPal business account? Maybe. It can be a great tool. However, it isn’t for everyone. What are your other options?

5 Myths About Your Business Credit Cards Credit Score

There are many myths about the business credit cards credit score. Find out what’s real and what’s not so you can get the funding you need for your business.