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Same-Day Business Loans: Everything You Need to Know

The trick to getting a same-day business loan is making sure your financing proposal is thorough. You need to fulfill the lender’s requirements for documentation. And you need to submit documents per the lender’s timeline.

Using Fuel Cards to Mitigate Rising Gas Prices

There is no escaping rising gas prices. Fuels cards can help, but you have to use them wisely. Here’s how to use them and how to find the right ones for you.

How to Get an EIN Number

Most people do not realize how easy it really is to get an EIN. The IRS makes it fast and straightforward. Here’s how to get an EIN number, step-by-step.

It’s Not Worth It: Here’s What 6 Organizations Have to Say About Buying Business Tradelines for Sale

Business tradelines for sale can seem like a quick and easy shortcut to established business credit. However, the Federal Reserve, the FBI, and the major business credit reporting agencies disagree.