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Business Credit Builder: Avoid Major Credit Blunders with this Simple Tool

Find out how the Business Credit Builder can help you build business credit and avoid these 3 major credit blunders.

How and Where to Get a Women Owned Business Grant

These hacks can help increase your chances of getting a women owned business grant. However, you always need a backup plan. Grants funds are rarely enough, even if you do win. You need other options.

Inflation and Your Small Business

The economy is a little like the weather. It will change, whether we want it to, or not. But you can take some steps to help your small business, both now and in the future.

Securities-Based Lines of Credit

The term securities-based lending (SBL) refers to the practice of making loans using securities as collateral. Securities-based lending provides ready access to capital. This can be used for almost any purpose, such as buying real estate or investing in a business. The only restrictions to this kind of lending are other securities-based transactions like buying shares or repaying a margin loan.