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Rick Sax

Rick Sax

Lauderdale FL

“It opened the door to an American Express credit card for my business which is one of the absolute best business credit cards you could have.”

Hello my name is Naryan Dindiel and my B=business is Rick Sax Inc. and I’m giving a video testimonial for the Business Credit and Finance Suite which I’m very happy to be a part of. I’ve learned a lot; even having some experience and knowledge in this industry of credit and finance even an old dot can learn new tricks.

This 6 step process was wonderful and going through this, I’m going to tell a little story that happened to me and I wasn’t even sure, I didn’t even realize it was happening. I have an office building, 3000 sq. ft that I could use but I also have several businesses and having all of them at same location was getting the Dun & Bradstreet or the DUNS number co-mingled with two different corporations, so what I did is when I had it and through the business credit and finance suite I used Regis which is a virtual office.

Now I didn’t really need to spend the extra money but realizing that in this process of credit and true financing other people’s money you do need to have your ducks in a row and part of that is having a correct business mail address and telephone number. So I went ahead and signed up for Regus. One thing I’ll tell you this was very easy and had I done the research which I didn’t have the time to do anyways it probably would’ve taken me a day or two to figure out Regis was the one to go with.

However, through the business and credit finance suite in this step 1 is simple one click solution, I clicked on it, I received an email from a representative through this finance suite and Regus and I sent off an email and little did I know inside of 30 minutes I already had a listed 411 telephone number and a proper business address. That’s not the best part, I kept this address for just over a year going through the business credit finance suite, of course I’m going through the steps of establishing credit and building my profile, what I’ve realized or I guess I didn’t realize is that Regus and American Express at the time had a promotion and anyone that had a Regus account was able and offered credit with American Express.

Now I realize I receive this preapproved offers about a year into the game it wasn’t until about a year and a half that I said you know let me go ahead and apply. When I was approved offer the American Express and it’s not the black card yet, you need to be invited for that one, but it was just below the black card and one of the best that you could possibly have. When I received this offer and I realized that because I simply spent a little money with a virtual office that was very much needed, it open the door to an American Express credit card for my business which is one of the absolute best business credit cards you could have.

So with that said there is much more I could tell you but I want to keep this as a short video testimonial as possible and hopefully I’ll have more to come. Thank you to the staff of the Business Credit Suite, thank you to the coaching staff and all that you do.