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10 Brilliant Business Tips for Success

Reviewed by Ty Crandall

June 13, 2024


Perfect Product Descriptions Credit Suite

The Hottest and Most Brilliant Business Tips for YOU – Write Perfect Product Descriptions – and More

Our researchers at Credit Suite found these ten great business tips for you! Be fierce and score in business with the best tips around the web. You can use them today and see fast results. You can take that to the bank – these are foolproof! Perfect product descriptions are just the beginning.

Stop making stupid decisions and start powering up your business. Demolish your business nightmares and start celebrating as your business fulfills its promise.

And these brilliant business tips are all here for free! So settle in and scoop up these tantalizing goodies before your competition does!

#10. Let’s Get Connected

Our first tip is all about connecting with your audience. The Content Marketing Institute says it’s all about finding ‘mutual truths’. We really loved two of the three tips. And they go together fairly well so we’ll talk about them both together, okay?

Challenge Your Assumptions

Oh, this is a favorite. And there’s no wonder. We often fall back on our assumptions about prospects as a kind of shorthand. We judge people and products within seconds. But what happens if that shorthand is just plain wrong?

True Story Time

Long ago, when dinosaurs still roamed the planet and litigated cases, your intrepid blog writer practiced law. And the single best piece of advice for picking a jury was not to look at gender, age, political affiliation, or someone’s clothes. Those are all important, yes. But the best nugget of advice was to ask about a person’s bumper stickers. These days, we would probably ask about the Facebook groups a person is in. Same idea.

You are going past the surface. And you are challenging those old perceptions of yours. Because, let’s face it – some of them are prejudices. Yeah, really.

Be Data Smart But Not Data Driven

This related tip is also all about looking beyond the surface. If you only look at the last years’ worth of sales figures, that might not be enough to see the true trend. Maybe a decline last year is just a momentary interruption of decades of success. You will never know unless you dig deeper. So start digging!

#9. Are You Customer-Centrically Experienced?

Okay, so maybe Jimi Hendrix didn’t put it quite that way.

The next awesome tip is about enhancing the  customer experience. LinkedIn told us there are some great ways to take the customer experience to the next level. And perfect product descriptions – more on them later – might come into play here.

Know What Customers Are Going to Want Before They Do

Huh? Here’s how this can work. Let’s say you own a salon. Our fingernails and hair grow, of course. A customer doesn’t just get one haircut and then they’re done. Now, they might only get one from you – but they most assuredly get one from somewhere. So why not take a cue from your dentist and send a card or an email reminder if your customer hasn’t booked her next trim?

Taking care of a problem before it turns into a customer crisis is smart business. Not only are you helping to assure yourself of continuing future revenue – you’re also improving the customer experience. Your customer will feel you know their needs, and you appreciate them. They won’t be coming in because they’re distressed that their bangs are so long they can no longer see. Rather, they’re coming in because they’re looking forward to a pleasant experience.

Not bad for just a quick appointment card, or a timed email which you can probably schedule in advance.

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#8. Sustain Your Business With Principles of Success

Our following tip concerns the principles of business success. Entrepreneur lays it all out for us. They say there are some universal principles of success which apply to pretty much every kind of business.

We really loved the first one, which is to identify a human’s social need. Just creating a business willy-nilly is counterproductive. Instead, make sure there’s an actual need first. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself with no customers!

But at the same time, make sure to look past your assumptions. Consider Uber and Airbnb. Twenty years ago, no one thought people would use their own cars to chauffeur other people around. And they never thought – apart from bed and breakfast owners – that anyone would ever want to open up their home to, shudder, strangers.

Never lose sight of needing to actually, you know, identify a need before trying to fill it. And while you’re at it, if you know the customer’s need, it’ll be easier to write perfect product descriptions. More on those later.

#7. Manage Your Biz Assets the Right Way

For our next tip, we looked at smartly managing your business assets. Score has all the info you need. They say you need to keep in mind that your business assets are a big part of the value of your business.  

We were particularly pleased when they talked about including your assets as a part of the value of your business. Although, naturally, you will need to account for depreciation.

And might we add another reason why your business assets matter? Equipment financing! Work on getting equipment with financing from a bank or other lender. And you know, the harder you work for something, the more you tend to value it. If it took serious money and time to get a new semi for your long haul trucking business, then you’re more likely to take good care of it.

Actually, better care of it. Because you know how hard it was to get.

#6. Tailor Sales Motivations to Inspire Your Employees

This tip is so cool, and it works! HubSpot told us all about putting together good incentive sales programs.

We really loved the ideas to tailor these incentives as much as possible. Anyone can give cash. What if you offered a gift certificate to a swanky boutique for your sales person to be able to get something really nice for work? Or maybe a flat screen?

The sky – and your budget – are your limits. But no matter what, this tip carries through a thread which you should see running through not only this post but other brilliant business tip blog posts. That is, don’t treat everyone the same.

Life and business are kind of amazing when you start treating people like, you know, individuals.

#5. Amp Up the Smartest Sales Strategies with Perfect Product Descriptions

Grab this tip while it’s hot!

Because if you are selling goods online, then you need perfect product descriptions. They can mean the difference between selling … and not. Sleek Note has the following ideas.  The best part about this article is the tips are specific and actionable. We highly recommend reading the whole thing.

Show Some Emotions – Or At Least Evoke ‘Em

If you have read any of our blog posts on perfecting crowdfunding strategies, then these should be somewhat familiar. Perfect product descriptions are pretty close to excellent crowdfunding strategies. In fact, one could argue that they both are perfect product descriptions. But in the case of crowdfunding, the ‘product’ is the campaign runner.

For sales, and for crowdfunding, the idea to pull emotions out of your prospects is a sound one. After all, why do you own the latest smartphone? Could it be that your need for status was appealed to?

And why did you buy insurance from the gecko? It couldn’t have been the humor in those commercials. Or could it?

So, why do you buy one brand of toothpaste over another? Could it be that the ad for your chosen brand speaks better to freeing you from the pain of getting a cavity filled?

Like we said, check out this article in its entirety. Yes, it is that good.

Because any selling business can use perfect product descriptions.

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#4. Put On Glasses and Find the Blind Spots and Flaws in Your Project Plans and Propositions

Check out this tip, all about finding the errors in your project plans and propositions. Young Upstarts tells us there are a lot of ways to, well, assure that you are probably not going to succeed in your objectives.

But let’s back up for just a moment.

Ideal Product Descriptions for Fantastic Sales Strategies Credit SuiteWhy Do You Have a Project Plan in the First Place?

It may seem to be a silly question. Of course, you say, it’s to keep your project organized. So let’s consider all of the ways you need to be organized. The first tip made the most sense to us – missing deadlines is something you never, ever want to do. Yet people make project plans, assuming the client will enforce deadlines. Or, worse, they think the client will remind them of those deadlines.

That’s not the client’s job.

It’s yours.


We also loved the tip that was all about how failure can come from not measuring success. And there’s the corollary to that, which is a lack of clear objectives.

A Fer-Instance

So let’s leave the business world for a moment and look at a project which all too many of us have had to tackle in our lives – losing weight.

Saying you would like to lose weight is lovely, but it’s generally not enough. How much? And how fast would you like this transformation to happen? And how are you going to accomplish this feat?

Without having a goal in mind, you could lose and ounce and, technically, be done. If your doctor wants you to lose 20 pounds, then an ounce off is not going to be good enough.

And – surprise! – this is why your doctor often gives you a number like that. They are essentially selecting a goal for you. And, fortunately, they tend to know what’s feasible within the time frame they are allowing for.

A far better plan is to say you want to lose 20 pounds in two months, and you’re going to walk for 20 minutes per night every night after work. And you’ll cut out sugary sodas. Will you absolutely, 100%, positively succeed with such a program? Not necessarily. But you will have an idea of where the finish line is.

And you will most assuredly know if you’ve failed. The same holds true in the business world.

So consider this. The next time you draft a project plan, make sure it clearly spells out when you’ve achieved your objective. Otherwise, you could accidentally declare victory prematurely.

#3. Grow Your Remote Workforce – At Scale

It’s not your imagination: this tip can help you scale a remote workforce. Entrepreneurship Life notes that a lot of the challenges faced by traditional workforces can hit remote workforces, too.  And without opportunities for face to face meetings, some issues might not clear up as fast as they normally would.

Collaborate, Collaborate, Forever

So our favorite tip was about using collaboration software and technology. When your team is in a few separate time zones, collaborative technology is practically a necessity. Here at Credit Suite, we use Google Hangouts for smaller teams, and Zoom for company-wide meetings. And we try to keep our webcams on when we talk.

Although your intrepid blog writer really should close the closet door behind her desk!

Aside from that, working remotely is a lot less lonely because of meetings. And issues aren’t allowed to snowball. Bonus!

 Ideal Product Descriptions for Fantastic Sales Strategies Credit Suite

#2. Don’t Change the Cloud – Change How You Think About It

Our second to last tip can give you a new perspective on changing your business culture with moving a lot of your software and services to the cloud. Small Biz Club makes it clear. Some employees might be skeptical about moving services to the cloud.

So you’ll need to convince them what a terrific idea it is. But how?

Accentuate the Positive

No, of course no one’s suggesting you lie. Still, there is nothing unethical about concentrating one the benefits to be derived from such a move.

So tell your employees! The cloud can support remote working. And it can help people collaborate. It also takes important documents over people’s hard drives. Because there’s nothing like dealing with the fallout from firing an employee who had the only copy of a contract or instructions or the like on their computer. And then, in a fit of spite, they deleted it.

Yeah, you don’t want that.

So open up the lines of communication – a good idea anyway – and tell your employees why you’re making the change. Don’t leave them in the dark.

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#1. Smooth Move!

We saved the best for last. For our favorite remarkable tip, we focused on how to easily and smoothly move your office. Manta says there are a number of practical steps you can take to make the process faster and easier.  And they just may make your move less expensive.

Naturally, our fave tip was to pare down. You don’t have to be Marie Kondo or anything. But if you still have old or broken equipment in your store room, then now is the time to ditch it.

True story – your intrepid blog writer once got a job where the previous owner of the desk had left, no lie, over 100 pens. Only maybe 20 of them worked.

Don’t be that person.

So which one of our brilliant business tips was your favorite? And which one will you be implementing now?

About the author 

Janet Gershen-Siegel

Janet Gershen-Siegel is the seasoned Finance Writer and a former content manager at Credit Suite. She has been admitted to practice law for over 30 years, with a focus on litigation and product liability, and is a published author, with writing credits at Entrepreneur, FedSmith.com and BusinessingMag.com.

She has a BA in Philosophy from Boston University, a JD from the Delaware Law School of Widener University, and a MS in Interactive Media (Social Media) from Quinnipiac University.

She regularly writes for Credit Suite, which helps businesses improve Fundability™, build credit, and get approved for loans and credit lines.

Her specialties: business credit, business credit cards, business funding, crowdfunding, and law

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