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Verbal Visuals Unveiled –10 Brilliant Business Tips of the Week

Janet Gershen-Siegel
May 3, 2019
Verbal Visuals Unveiled Credit Suite

The Hottest and Most Brilliant Business Tips for YOU – Verbal Visuals Unveiled and More

Our researchers at Credit Suite found these ten great business tips for you! Be fierce and score in business with the best tips around the web. You can use them today and see fast results. We’ve got verbal visuals unveiled, and lots more!

Demolish your business nightmares and start celebrating as your business fulfills its promise.

And these brilliant business tips are all here for free! So settle in and scoop up these tantalizing goodies before your competition does!

#10. The Key to Appiness

Our first jtip is all about best practices for developing a killer app. Women on Business says it’s all about customer ease and need. Sounds familiar, right? So the idea is to make things as simple as possible. And we are all for that!

Consider this. Let’s say you’re creating an app to help people get around France (never mind if you do other things; this is just a fer-instance). Your users are going to want that sucker to work really, really quickly. Because when they meet Fifi LaRue, they want to be able to say hi to her without looking dumb or desperate. Or if they get run over in the Champs Élysée, they want to be able to ask for an ambulance and say they have insurance. If they’re hungry, they want to be sure they’re ordering brisket, not brains. You get the idea.

Hence if you make your users jump through hoops to get to the good stuff, guess what? They’re going to get unhappy, and right quick. And then, if you’ve got competition, they’ll delete your app and download your competitor’s. And if you don’t have competition, they’ll say not so nice things about you in the Apple and Google stores.

But I’m Not an App Developer!

Hey, your intrepid blog writer isn’t one, either. But the tip remains the same. Make life easier for your customers and prospects, or someone else will.

#9. Grab Your Green Eyeshade Visor, Because…

… the next tip is all about some basic accounting terms and what they really mean. Fundera notes you probably didn’t get into business to do accounting. But like it or not, it’s got to be done (you know, like flossing).

The entire article is well worth reading. But we loved one concept in particular.

You Gotta Keep ‘Em Separated

We talk about this a lot vis a vis separating business and personal credit. It’s concept #5, the economic entity concept. That is, don’t commingle funds! Business and personal expenses need to be kept apart. This is not just to make it easier to balance the books. It’s also downright necessary for your taxes and may even keep you out of legal hot water.

And when it comes to business credit building, you really want everything to be distinct. So get in the habit of erecting a wall between those two halves of your life.

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#8. Closer Closing

Our following tip concerns closing sales. The HubSpot blog lays it all out for us, offering seven great ways to seal the deal.

What really got us fired up about this particular article is how a lot of the techniques can carry over to something like crowdfunding. For example, the ‘now or never’ close, where you tell a prospect this is the only day the price will be 20% off. Or maybe you tell them it’s the last one in stock. Another great closing tip which could work for crowdfunding – or even presenting to angel investors, score! – is the ‘question’ close. E. g. “Does what I am offering solve the problem?”

Even if you don’t really do a lot of salesy stuff (for example, you own a walk-in salon), you should still work on these techniques. After all, you’ve got the prospect in the door. Maybe you can upsell them. Or even better, maybe you can make them a customer for life.

And that would be really something, eh?

#7. Diversify!

For our next tip, we looked at adding new income streams to your business. Small Biz Trends notes this is particularly helpful when you are self-employed. And for a more full-blown business, it’s truly helpful if you’re in a seasonal industry.

So, what do you do when you’re just a one-person shop?

We really liked the idea of using affiliate marketing. Essentially, you can make your storefront an entrée for your customers to shop for a related company. The idea is, you’re generating leads. And of course leads are valuable, so you’re paid a commission. For example, if you sold oboes, then passing your customers along to a person who gives oboe lessons is a natural.

So consider where your customers go, and what they do, after they leave your site. Maybe you can strike a deal.


#6. Save Your Pennies!

This tip is so obvious, but so many people forget it – yet it works! In another awesome article, Small Biz Trends says money saved is money earned. So start saving money in your business.

We really loved the tip about doing some comparison shopping when it comes to getting what your business needs. You probably wouldn’t buy the first car off the lot you ever saw, right? Even if you knew what you wanted, you would probably still check options packages or even compare prices for the local dealer versus one which is ten miles from your home. The same idea is in play for office equipment.

Another great tip was to not buy new office equipment. Gently used equipment is SO much less expensive, it’s not funny. So get a slightly used desk, and spend your money on software, insurance, and salaries – and, of course, marketing.

#5. Verbal Visuals – UnveiledVerbal Visuals Unveiled Credit Suite

Grab this tip while it’s hot! Unveil some amazing verbal visuals. Copy Blogger says the simplest of visuals can sometimes make the most impressive impacts!

Your intrepid blog writer was particularly interested in this article because – shock, horror! – visuals ain’t my strong suit. Like, not at all. I break out in a cold sweat. My heart rate increases. And I get flashbacks to grade school and bad drawings.

Okay, maybe it’s not that bad. But the gist of it is, visuals can be hard for a lot of us. And in particular if you are more of an auditory or kinesthetic person, visual references may be kinda baffling.

This article is a godsend, and we highly recommend you read it in its entirety. Here are some key takeaways from it.

Give the Gift of Gifs

The .gif format is pretty much everywhere these days. It has staked claim to a ton of territory on both Twitter and Facebook. And it can work on blogs, too! Adding a .gif can be an easy way to demonstrate how to perform a simple task on screen.

The article helpfully teaches you how to create one.

Step one: use some sort of screensharing software and record whatever it is you’re demonstrating online. Personally, your intrepid blog writer prefers Screencast-O-Matic. Others may prefer Quick Time, Loom, Camtasia, or maybe something else.

Step two: convert your new file to the .gif format. Screencast-O-Matic allows you to just save your file that way. But if you’re using another program, you may need a second step for this.

Step three: go to EZGif.com (it’s free!) and crop and resize your creation so you don’t end up with an enormous file which will grind your website to a screeching halt.

And… that’s it! Pretty cool for something which was kinda scary to start.

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#4. Personal Marketing

Check out this tip, all about personalizing the marketing experience. SleekNote tells us there are plenty of times on site when you can make the experience just that much more special for your customers and prospects.

We really loved the ideas about offering deals or communications based on cart quantity or basket value.

Er, what?

We’ll explain.

But Wait, There’s More!Verbal Visuals Unveiled Credit Suite

So, you’ve probably heard that phrase hundreds of times before. In the SleekNote article, the idea is to use the data you have on what’s in a customer’s cart, and its value, to alter your messaging. For instance, picture yourself buying a baby shower gift. You’ve got everything ready to rock and you’re happy with your purchase and are about to check out. What if you got a message which said you could get the gift expertly wrapped for an additional $2? You’d probably pay the two bucks and save yourself some serious time and frustration.

Or what if you’re merrily shopping away but then something leaves a bad taste in your mouth and you’re about ready to abandon your shopping cart? This happens all the time. What if you got a message as you were just about to ditch, telling you that you’ve already qualified for free shipping? Or, at the very least, you were given a short (as in no more than two questions, yeah, we really mean it) survey asking why you were abandoning your purchases?

These sorts of specialized, personalized touches can really turn a customer’s experience around. So try some!

#3. Let Your Website Be a Bridge

It’s not your imagination: this tip can get more people to your business. Manta says your website should be at the forefront of this strategy. And this is true whether you have a brick and mortar presence or 100% of your business is online.

Perhaps our favorite tip concerned optimizing your site – particularly for mobile.

My Eyes! My Eyes!

Nearly everyone has experienced this – it’s the website which isn’t optimized for mobile yet. Which is crazy, because the number of people in the United States with cell phones is at a staggering 95%! Your customers are on mobile. So why aren’t you trying your best to reach them there?

Making and keeping your website an inviting place for your customers and prospects will give them just that much incentive to check your business out. And if they like you, and you treat them well, they’ll hang around, and probably for a really long time.

Of course we also liked the tips to start blogging, and to maximize your presence on social media. But it’s all for naught if your website is still stuck in an unfriendly, obsolete design.

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#2. Social Media Marketing – Go On, Jump in the Deep End

Our second to last tip can give you a new perspective on getting started with social media marketing. Entrepreneurship Life points out that social media is going to be a useful marketing tool for most businesses.

Platform Soul

We were so pleased to see platforms addressed, although we would honestly prefer if they were addressed later in the piece. Why? Because deciding on Instagram versus Pinterest is so much easier when you already know your buyer persona. And you’re also a lot more likely to get your marketing message right.

It’s Social Media – So Be Social Already!

We were happy to see the emphasis on being social. As in, like others’ work. And reach out to make genuine connections with people. We would add our own tip to this – think about how you, personally, consume social media. While you may not be your own company’s ideal buyer, you can still relate to a few things. If you look at your website or social media profiles and it feels overly salesy, then guess what?

It is.

#1. Drawing it All to Scale

We saved the best for last. For our favorite remarkable tip, we focused on scaling your business. The Startup Professionals blog says getting big, fast, can be the death knell to a business if you’re not careful.

The article offers great ideas on how to gently tap the brakes and avoid flaming out before your time. Our favorite tip was to stop working ‘in the business’ and instead convert to working ‘on the business’. That is, to change over from being your business’s #1 employee to becoming your business’s #1 strategist.

Trade your hands-on, in the trenches moments for the vision from the mountain top. Because you (and we) want your business to be around for years to come.

So which one of our brilliant business tips was your favorite? And which one will you be implementing now?

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