Shirtsy Net 30 Account Review

Reviewed by Ty Crandall

July 9, 2024


Shirtsy is a direct-to-garment printing facility that has become a go-to for businesses wanting high-quality company swag. But regardless of how many employees you have, custom company items can cost a lot.

The solution? A Shirtsy Net 30 account. Here’s how this net 30 vendor can help your business maintain a steady cash flow and build business credit at the same time.

Our Verdict on Shirtsy’s Net 30 Account

After our in-house team of reviewers compared the Shirtsy Net 30 account, we were pleasantly surprised at the overall benefits attached to such an easy to get card for many business owners. Not only do they help with building business credit and giving you direct access to more funding on good terms, but the quality of products are also a great quality. Offering some of the best choices for customized swag.

And the best part? This net 30 account also reports to more than one business credit bureau, which means they can help you build business credit much quicker than cards who report to only one.

Dive into our full review below.

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Shirtsy’s Net 30 Account Pros

Shirtsy Can Help You Establish Business Credit Right Away

One of the biggest benefits of net 30 payment terms is not having to pay for your orders right away. Instead, Shirtsy lets you pay at least 30 days after the close of every billing cycle, and they won’t charge you any interest on purchases as long as you pay your balance on time.

However, a Shirtsy Net 30 account can also be extremely beneficial if you want to establish and build business credit. As of this writing, Shirtsy reports to the three major business credit bureaus, which are Dun & Bradstreet, Equifax Business, and Experian Business. The company also reports to Creditsafe, a private provider of on-line company credit scores.

However, you do have to pay a $99 account fee, which is relatively high considering other net 30 accounts like Office Garner, Creative Analytics, and Wise Business Plan charge lower or no fees at all. Nevertheless, this fee serves a purpose.

Shirtsy uses the $99 as an initial trade credit payment, meaning you can start building business credit immediately. That’s an outstanding benefit for any small business that wants to start building their credit history right away.

Of course, like any other net 30 account, you have to pay your balances on time to keep your payment history positive. Plus, on-time payments will help you avoid late fees:

  • $15 on balances up to $100
  • $29 on balances $100 to $250
  • $39 on balances $250 and above

There’s also a returned payment fee of $39, which can happen when your payment bounces for some reason. Luckily, Shirtsy offers a lot of methods for secure payments, including credit cards, checks, automatic account debits, wire transfers, and more.

Your Shirtsy Net 30 Account Will Go a Long Way

Thanks to Shirtsy’s huge catalog of business supplies, apparel, and customized gifts, you can make the most of your vendor credit. Shirtsy offers hundreds of product types, and some of the most popular include:

  • T-shirts
  • Mugs
  • Keychains
  • Mouse pads
  • Reusable water bottles
  • Shoes
  • LED wall art
  • Varsity jackets
  • Sweatshirts
  • Aprons
  • Acrylic prints
  • Bracelets
  • Nail decals
  • Reusable cotton bags
  • Face masks
  • And more

Although their catalog extends to home goods and children’s clothing, their primary target audience is businesses that want to customize company swag like shirts and office supplies. Plus, this vendor also provides custom merch for restaurants, including wall art, signage, and aprons.

Another huge benefit of working with Shirtsy is that it’s easy to tailor your shirts and varsity jackets to your liking. You can create your own designs by simply choosing a product and using their user-friendly design platform. Here, you can add text, clipart, elements, and your own branding imagery to any item you choose.

Approval Is Not Instant

Companies that help business credit will need to evaluate your creditworthiness before granting you a net 30 account. Some vendors offer easy approval, but Shirtsy will often do a little bit of digging.

For one, they may request your credit history report from credit reporting agencies like D&B, Experian Business, and Equifax Business. The good news is that this does not lead to a hard pull on personal credit. However, if you don’t have an existing business credit history, it may be harder to qualify.

If this is the case for you, you might want to apply for business tradelines that are easier to qualify for. You can also try establishing a payment history for your company by using a business credit card or taking out a small business loan. 

In any case, it’s best not to expect an instant approval. If you have any questions about credit requirements or account concerns like password recovery, you can reach Shirtsy at (888) 830-4121 or [email protected].

You can also start a net 30 application here. Be sure to read their shipping policy, net 30 terms, and returns & exchanges rules.

Get Your Free Business Finance Assessment to Discover your Optimal Path to Improve Fundability™, Build Business Credit, and Get Business Loans

Shirtsy’s Net 30 Approval Requirements

First things first, your business must have been in operation for at least 30 days and have an EIN before applying for a net 30 account. Shirtsy will also ask for your basic information, including but not limited to:

  • Your name
  • Contact information
  • Business name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Website
  • EIN
  • DUNS number

Although Shirtsy doesn’t state any specific requirements for credit score, it’s best to have at least a Good rating.

They also require you to have at least 75% ownership of the company applying for an account. Additionally, your initial order must be at least $97. It seems pretty steep compared to other vendors, but the initial fee can help you establish business credit as soon as possible.

Join Credit Suite’s Business Credit Builder Program

Using net 30 accounts is a great way to build business credit while getting the items you need for your company at the same time. However, it can take a lot of time (and net 30 accounts) to get your business’s credit to the point where you want it to be.

Credit Suite offers a faster, more customized option through the Business Credit Builder Program. This program is designed to help you get access to initial trade credit, such as retail, fleet, and service credit, and then gain business credit without a personal guarantee. 

Alternatively, you can get in on our Credit Line Hybrid, an unsecured no-doc program that helps you get up to $150,000 in business credit. This is a top-notch option for businesses that don’t have any assets for collateral and don’t want to deal with tons of requirements or paperwork.

Learn more about maximizing your business credit with Credit Suite. Reach our customer service department at (877) 600 2487 or [email protected] today!

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