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Modular Office Design Ideas To Enhance Productivity

Reviewed by Ty Crandall

November 15, 2023


Modular Office Credit Suite

Modular office design is not new and has been around for years.

Finding the right modular office design ideas can be challenging, especially when everyone has their own opinion on what works best.

But are modular offices productive? Well, nowadays, being productive at work can be challenging. Mobile devices, continually connected employees, and its never-ending list of to-do’s make it daunting to even think about productivity. An expert once said, “you’re not as productive as you think,” quite frankly, that may be true.

It’s not just your workplace that discourages productivity but also the layout. Office spaces were designed long ago when electronics weren’t around, so why should they still follow the old design pattern?

While you might not know much about modular office design, here are some tips and techniques to help ease your mind when designing modular office space and how to instill the best office layout for productivity.

1. Match Up Types of Space with Functions

Modular Office Credit SuiteOffice design is an art, not a science. It’s more than just providing desks, chairs, and whiteboards. It’s about making sure that the space is functional and comfortable.

Some functions demand a lot more space than others, so it’s important to match the type of space with the function it serves.

When designing an open office plan, you’ll want to ensure plenty of places to gather around common areas like kitchen tables or coffee stations.

On the other hand, if you’re designing a private office area for one person or a small team, you’ll want to ensure each office has enough room for everything they need, including workstations, storage cabinets, and even private bathrooms when needed.



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2. Break up Open Spaces with Flexible Design

Today, most offices are open spaces with cubicles or desks arranged in rows. This design is the most common because it allows for easy communication and collaboration. But it also makes it difficult for employees to stay focused and productive.

Consider modular office design ideas that break up your open spaces if you’re looking for ways to improve office productivity. Here are a few ways that you can use modular furniture to enhance your workplace:

Create more private areas with mobile walls

Use mobile partitions to create quiet zones where employees can take phone calls or have private conversations. These walls are available in various sizes and colors, blending into any office space. They offer privacy without sacrificing light, which is important since too much light can cause eye strain and headaches.

Provide more desk options

Many companies have only one type of workstation available for their employees; a cubicle for full-time workers or an open desk setup that moves around depending on what tasks need to be completed each day.

Modular office furniture allows companies to offer multiple options so employees can customize their workspace based on their needs at any given moment.

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3. Cool the Office Down and Get Rid of Clutter

In summer, keeping temperatures below 72 degrees Fahrenheit keeps employees from feeling too warm and uncomfortable. In winter, temperatures above 68 degrees Fahrenheit can help prevent colds and flu.

Many offices have an automated system that lowers temperatures at night when no one is around, then raises them back up in the morning. This helps keep costs down and saves energy.

Furthermore, clutter makes any space feel smaller and less organized, making it harder for employees to focus on their work instead of what’s around them. It also takes up valuable floor space that could be used for something else, like additional seating or storage space for supplies.

If you have too much clutter in your office, clear out old files and unused furniture, so there’s more room to move around comfortably while working on projects together as a team.

4. Use Glass Walls To Add Natural Light

Another important aspect of any office design is lighting, especially for offices with a modular foundation.

Natural light improves productivity and moods in the workplace by making employees more alert and less likely to suffer from headaches or eye strain. Glass walls help bring in natural light from outside, so you don’t have to worry about using artificial lights to brighten up your workspace during gloomy winter months.

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5. Ensure Privacy

Privacy is essential in any office.

The modular office design should ensure that privacy is offered to the employees and that they are not disturbed by other people. The office design should have a partition between each cubicle to ensure that one person is not disturbed by others.

The walls of each cubicle should be made from glass, allowing people to see through them and not disrupting the pathway of light. The glass walls can also display information about the company or its products.

6. Install Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic chairs are a must-have item in your modular office building. They are designed to provide comfort and support to the lower back area of the body, which is often subject to pressure and tension. Modular Office Credit Suite

The best ergonomic chairs look great and can be adjusted for height and tilt. An adjustable backrest is also essential for added support. In addition, several adjustments should be available on the seat to ensure that it fits your body perfectly.

Ergonomic chairs come in all shapes and sizes, so choosing one that perfectly suits your and your employees’ needs is important. For example, if you have a large desk or workstation, opt for a high-backed chair with armrests so that you don’t have to lean forward too much while working on your computer or laptop computer.

Final Say,

Having a well-designed office is not just about being comfortable but also about enhancing productivity.

Going completely modular is no small undertaking, but it does offer some distinct advantages. If your work environment can maximize the benefits of working in a modular space, you can see major improvements in productivity and communication.

But if you take things too far, you may create an office that’s not much different from a standard cubicle farm. However, modular design offers advantages that shouldn’t be overlooked.


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