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Experian Business

Published By Credit Suite at October 30th, 2015

Experian Business

Do you know about Experian credit for business?

What Is Experian Credit for Business?

Dun & Bradstreet is the primary company used to evaluate business credit. In addition, they issue a credit score known as PAYDEX.

There are also other companies that provide similar credit evaluation services to businesses based on their independent databases.

So one of them is Experian Business. And they offer a credit score known as Intelliscore.

What is Experian All About?

Experian, one of the three major consumer credit rating bureaus. And they also provide business credit evaluations for over 27,000,000 small businesses and corporations.

Experian’s model is designed for companies that provide goods and services to small businesses.

Experian Credit for Business Details

Some of the items listed on Experian’s reports include…Experian credit for business Credit Suite2 - Experian Business

  • > Business credit scores and credit summary
  • > Key facts about the business
  • > Corporate registration and contact information
  • > Summaries of collections and payments
  • > Uniform Commercial Code filing information
  • > Banking, insurance and leasing information
  • > Bankruptcy filings
  • > Judgment filings
  • > Tax lien filings

Credit scores range from 0-100 with a lower score indicating a higher risk for serious delinquency.

So, Experian Business Credit does provide both consumer and business credit risk models. But there are considerable differences between the two.

Is There Any Way to Improve Experian For Business Credit Scores?


So, for most types of business credit scores, there is one huge thing you can do.

Now, what is this mysterious activity?

Pay your bills on time, and in full!

While business credit scores have more components than that, paying your business credit bills on time is the big one. Percentage of credit usage is a much smaller consideration. But if you pay your business credit bills on time, then by definition your credit usage will be in control.

And another thing to keep in mind when it comes to Experian business credit is this. Your personal credit is going to have an impact here. So, when you pay your business credit bills on time, guess what? You should also be paying your personal credit bills on time as well.

Check out even more information on Experian.

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