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Why is Business Credit Such a Secret?

Published By Credit Suite at October 30th, 2015

Why is Business Credit Such a Secret?

Looking for business credit advice? Then look no further.

Business Credit Advice: Getting Started

You have most definitely heard of Equifax, Experian, Trans Union, and the FICO score before. So this is because they are household names.

But most business owners have not heard of a DUNS number, PAYDEX score, Intelliscore or Duns and credit advice Credit Suite2 - Why is Business Credit Such a Secret? reported that less than 10% of business owners have any knowledge whatsoever of business credit.

WOW is this great for you!

It’s great because now that you have found me you DO know about business credit.  It is even greater because 90% of other business owners no nothing about it making it all YOURS.

Business Credit and Good News for You

Have you been affected by the changes in the economy over the last few years?

Many creditors have lowered credit limits while others deny applications that once would be easily approved.

This means less money for you making it tougher and sometimes seemingly impossible to do business.

Well not anymore.

You qualify for $50,000 or more in business credit. And this money can be secured with no personal guarantee or personal credit check.

Yes, You Can Get Business Credit

Business credit is still vastly available because 90% of business owners know nothing about it.  This means you just found the $$$ goldmine you have been dreaming of.

Within a few months you will qualify for thousands in real usable credit.  Within 6-12 months you will have access to over $50,000 in revolving credit with major retailers.

In one to two years you can then continue on to qualify for $100,000-$250,000. So this is based on how you us your newly gotten credit.

The credit is available and waiting.  And this is credit you can use to build the company of your dreams without the personal liability.

Get started on building your business credit today to build the company you want tomorrow.

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