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Kamillah Elamin

Kamillah Elamin

Minneapolis MN

“I was totally blown away with the commitment from Ty and the team… three days later I closed my first business credit deal!”

I watched every single one of these videos and I googled him to death. A couple of different ways just trying to see you know…. building credibility for him so I bought it one morning and didn’t do anything with it. Two days or three days after I bought it he calls me. So I pick up the phone so I am like “hello” and he says “hey Kamillah this is Ty Crandall” and I’m like really, literally thinking this is some recording so I’m waiting for the rest to come so I’m like “hello?” He’s like yeah, how you doing? I was are you serious? are you calling me? And he was like “yes, I’m calling you, you know I’m with the business credit.”  And I was totally blown away from that point on…..commitment from Ty and team.  I struggled I really did.  I tried to watch every single video; I was up like 3, 4 days straight. I put a website together in like 4 days; I didn’t sleep for a week and a half. And then when I got out I did all the wrong things and then I called him and I said ” listen I paid all this money and it’s not working.”  He said, “well what, what did you do? Did you watch the video on doing an actual presentation? And I was like “I think I did” and of course I hadn’t been to sleep in about a week and so he said go back and watch the video twice and then call me.  And I did and three days later I closed my first business credit deal and then I went and bought the direct funding and that was a horrible disaster as well. I had a couple of people you know, just not qualifying and again, talking to him and talking to Skip and talking to everybody there, and Craig, thank you for what you did for my client, cause you worked that out for him. However that whole process of figuring out if they qualify, I was so like fumbling through it all and you made it such an easy process and you guys are just awesome all the way around the board, but I am going home and I am raising my prices.