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Get the Best Business Design and More –10 Brilliant Business Tips of the Week

Published By Janet Gershen-Siegel at April 5th, 2019

Get the Best Business Design and More –10 Brilliant Business Tips of the Week

The Hottest and Most Brilliant Business Tips for YOU – Become the Best Business Design and More

Our research ninjas at Credit Suite smuggled out ten amazing business tips for you! Be fierce and score in business with the best tips around the web. You can use them today and see fast results. You can take that to the bank – these are foolproof! Yours can be the best business design – ever!

Stop making stupid decisions and start powering up your business. Demolish your business nightmares and start celebrating as your business fulfills its promise.

And these brilliant business tips are all here for free! So settle in and scoop up these tantalizing goodies before your competition does!

#10. Me, Coach?

Our first jaw-dropping tip is all about dragging a coaching business from a hobby into a paying gig. Selz says there are five great fundamentals to selling personal coaching services.

But the truth is, we think these tips could work for any type of business. In particular, we loved the explorations of what clients might want to spend and how to start to make money.

Converting a Free Side Hustle into a Paying Gigbest business design Credit Suite2 - Get the Best Business Design and More –10 Brilliant Business Tips of the Week

With a side hustle, your first few clients are probably free or close to it. This is how you get experience. But you can’t live on experience and exposure alone. To convert from a free side hustle to a paying gig, draft a contract with your clients. Have them commit to at least 2 ways to help your business. This includes testimonials and shares on social media, but it also includes buying your product or service, and referring you to more clients.

Contracts mean business, but you also draft them in order to protect you. Like it or not, we all have to consider the possibility of clients not paying, or something going wrong with service or product delivery.

No matter which kind of business you’re running, these ideas can surely help you.

#9. Instagram Perfection

The next awesome tip is about using Instagram to help grow your business. CEO World says there is a definite etiquette and style to using hashtags. Yes, really – they aren’t supposed to be slapdash.

So we loved two very specific hashtag tips.

Big Fish, Small Pond

Use unpopular hashtags! Why? Because you won’t get lost in the shuffle and you’ll be at the top for that particular hashtag. And bonus – if you can get specific enough, you might just define your audience better. And a laser-like focus on the right audience is a proven pathway to success.

Hashtag Fail

Did you know hashtags can be banned by Instagram? This happens when the Instagram community feels a hashtag is offensive. Now, a lot of this should be obvious, such as swear words and racist, sexist, ageist (etc.) terms. But dig a little deeper. If the word therapists is in the title of your business, you might just want to use the word therapy in your hashtags instead.

Just sayin’.

best business design Credit Suite4 - Get the Best Business Design and More –10 Brilliant Business Tips of the Week

If you are as passionate about succeeding in business as we are, please help us spread the word about how to take the plunge and save time and money – and your sanity! Have the best business design – ever!

#8. Oh Where, Oh Where Can Your Business Be?

Our following life-changing tip concerns office locations (note: this is not the same article as in last week’s post). Entrepreneur says one of your main concerns should be the local talent pool. This makes a ton of sense. Unless you are recruiting for a truly unique and/or rock star-style role, you should be recruiting locally.

True story: your intrepid blog writer used to work with a rather obscure database program. And now, more than a decade after last using it, the phone calls and emails still come in. These are often for locations which would require relocating. That’s how rare this skill was and still is.

But most jobs aren’t that way. Sales, marketing, accounting, and HR are positions which you should be able to fill locally, no matter what business you’re in. But if you are in a spot where there is a limited talent pool, then it’s that much harder and more expensive.

So don’t make things harder for yourself than they have to be.

#7. Drop Me an Email, Okay?

For our next sensational tip, we looked at how to put together a successful email campaign. Young Upstarts says there are five components and oh boy we are so glad to see measuring and A/B testing made the cut!

We also loved seeing define your market as #1. After all, you cannot simply send email to everyone on the planet, without a thought for who might be interested or at all receptive.

That would make you a spammer.

And we don’t like spammers. You shouldn’t, either.

#6. Goin’ Prospecting

This tip is so simple, but it works! Marketing Mentor says the best way to go prospecting for new clients is essentially to just ask. The bottom line is, it’s an awful lot like networking. But not everyone is a natural at networking. So the article provides helpful basic advice.

Courtesy Matters

Of course, we love this part! Politeness, naturally, should not just be a marketing tool. It should be a normal and natural part of everyone’s life. But it can also get you prospects. Because you should always thank anyone who agrees to connect with you. And thank anyone who invites you to connect.

Didn’t your Mom (or Dad) tell you please, thank you, and you’re welcome are magic words? They still are!

#5. Yours Can Be the Best Business Design Team – Ever!

Grab this mind-blowing tip while it’s hot!

Get the most out of your creatives and the best business design. Harvard Business Review tells you how.

We, humans, spend an awful lot of time in front of computer screens. And while we can’t always tell what good design is, we can often spot bad design from miles away. So you know what we mean – hard-to-read fonts, hidden information, overly bright or busy backgrounds. You name it, and some website or another is guilty of it.

But what is also true is that there is a design aesthetic, depending upon your industry. The best business design for a wedding photographer’s website will be far different from the best business design for a construction company’s website.

best business design Credit Suite3 - Get the Best Business Design and More –10 Brilliant Business Tips of the WeekMeasure the Hell Out of Everything

So we are always in love with all things measurable, and this tip is no exception. And in fact, it dovetails with another tip, to run several experiments. You will never know what is the best business design for your website unless you experiment and measure.

We truly love when a more scientific method is in use. It adds legitimacy to any change in business direction. When you measure, you get a better idea of what the best business design is than if you just more or less close your eyes and point.

Take Off the Design Handcuffs

We also really liked this tip. And it’s the opposite – although not quite – of the previous tip. That is, give your design team free(ish) rein. Let them create, because that is precisely what you hired them to do. Of course there are going to be some parameters. But one of our favorite examples is still true. One of the best business design decisions there ever was involved Geico. Instead of boring insurance ads, theirs are colorful and quirky.

And unforgettable.

best business design Credit Suite4 - Get the Best Business Design and More –10 Brilliant Business Tips of the Week

If you are as passionate about succeeding in business as we are, please help us spread the word about how to take the plunge and save time and money – and your sanity! Have the best business design – ever!

#4. Talk, Talk

Check out this spectacular tip, all about internal communications. Help Scout says there are eight excellent tools you should have on your radar.

We were so happy to see three old friends on there: Slack, Zoom, and Asana. We also loved seeing DropBox on the list, as we sometimes use it with outside contractors. Basecamp was another welcome site – your intrepid blog writer used it in an old job – it works a little like Asana.

Plus – Donut! What a neat idea, to randomly pair two employees for a catch-up. It’s just a plugin for Slack. So maybe you don’t know anyone in Accounting or Sales. Perhaps it’s time you did.

#3. Chitter Chatter Bots

It’s not your imagination: this winning tip can help you make the most out of using chatbots in your business. G2 says there are a number of ways to use chatbots. And you may not have considered some of these.


Way back in the Stone Age, your intrepid blog writer was a road warrior. So that meant pretty much constantly booking flights and hotels. There wasn’t too much need to book rental cars as there was always a local partner with a car. But the rest of it? Yes.

This involved contacting an in-house travel agency and laying out everything from travel days to location to budget. It also included whether there was a preferred airline or hotel chain. So of course, like anyone else, travel agents could be away from their desks.

Imagine handling all of these variables, but with a virtual travel agent which is on 24/7. Now, there is probably still a need for the personal touch.

In particular, people are probably necessary for negotiations, and for working with a hotel if it’s hard to find rooms. If there is a convention that week, then a chatbot (at least, at this state of the technology) is probably not sophisticated enough to wheel and deal to find a room.

Plus this requires some judgement. For example, going to Lexington, Kentucky may mean it’s cheaper to land in Louisville, or maybe in Cincinnati.

Of course using chatbots for business travel can also work well for personal travel. And a chatbot can also store data on available vacation days.

Just the FAQs, Ma’am

We liked the idea of using a chatbot for FAQs. Easy, general, repetitive questions are perfect for chatbots. But they’re not so perfect for humans. But humans, on the other hand, are far better at answering finesse questions requiring judgment.

Consider a bookstore. A chatbot call tell a customer that Jane Eyre is in stock, along with the price and any editions available. But you need a human (at least for now) to tell a customer what ‘that book by a Brontë girl who isn’t Emily where there’s a fire at the end’ is.

#2. It’s All About the Interactions

Our second to last unbeatable tip can give you a new perspective on using interactive content for marketing. Buzzsumo says it’s a great idea, and we agree. But first off – just what is interactive content?

Think quizzes and calculators. Or timelines and interactive visuals. Let’s say your business is a food truck. How about having an interactive map on your website, to show where you will be and maybe even to give customers a chance to ask you to drive your truck to a particular location? Depending on the regulations in your city of town, that might be a way to serve out of the way office parks or find new customers in places you never thought possible before.

But how do you know which content to make interactive? The answers are our two favorite words (you should probable know them by now, eh?): ask and measure.

#1. Train Your Brain to Think Like an Entrepreneur

We saved the best for last. For our favorite remarkable tip, we focused on thinking like an entrepreneur. Addicted to Success has some great ideas for how to get into the entrepreneurial mindset.

One we really loved was understanding just how much calculated risks are a part of the equation. We also liked the idea of staying up to date. So read or watch the news in your industry. Because you can’t get ahead if you’re not up to date.

So which one of our brilliant business tips was your favorite? And which one will you be implementing now?

best business design Credit Suite4 - Get the Best Business Design and More –10 Brilliant Business Tips of the Week

If you are as passionate about succeeding in business as we are, please help us spread the word about how to take the plunge and save time and money – and your sanity! Have the best business design – ever!

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