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5 Business Calculators You Should Be Using Now

Published By Janet Gershen-Siegel at August 6th, 2017

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As a business owner, you have math flying at you all the time. But business calculators make that so much easier. These business calculators are all free and none of them use Adobe Flash (which is going out of style in web development these days). Some, however, do require JavaScript, so be sure to enable that before you begin.

1 – Cash Flow Calculator

One of the most important questions you should be asking is: does my business have enough cash flow in order to keep it running. Because if your company runs out of available cash, then you could run the risk of not being able to meet current obligations such as payroll, accounts payable, and credit card and loan payments. This calculator makes it easy to determine the cash flow being generated by your business.

You can enter your starting cash, your cash flow from operations, your cash flow coming from investments, and your business’s cash flow from financing. The calculator provides easy to follow explanations of terms, and even a report you can print.

2 – Break-Even Calculator

How many units of your product do you have to sell in order to make a profit? This is the essence of business, that is, when do you get to the good stuff, where you start making money? This calculator puts together a four-variable analysis, where you input your company’s expected unit sales, your fixed cost, your price per unit, along with your variable unit cost. Slide a bar or input a number in order to see what happens when you increase the price of your product or sell fewer units of it.

3 – Business Loan Calculator

Just what is that tempting business loan really going to cost you? Find out with this handy calculator. Input your loan amount and term, your interest rate and loan start date, along with your monthly payments. This calculator will show you different monthly payments if the numbers don’t add up.

Find out what happens if you put in additional money every month or in an annual lump sum or a one-time payment. The amortization schedule is particularly satisfying, as you see the interest amount declining as time passes and more of the loan is paid off.

4 – Conversion Rate Calculator

Is your company doing business online? This calculator has been designed to give the conversion rate (CR) for anyone clicking on an advertisement and then buying. From a business owner’s perspective, conversion rate is a useful guide. It can demonstrate both the effectiveness of the advertisement and the product’s capability to sell. The figure is calculated by dividing the total number of purchases generated, by the total number of clicks.

5 – ROI Calculator

Return on investment matters; otherwise, you have no idea whether a particular investment is an example of money spent wisely. This ROI calculator figures an annualized rate of return using exact dates. Also known as Rate of Return (ROR), these financial calculators make it so you can compare the results of different investments. You can even modify this one to determine whether you are getting a good return on advertising spend: just enter the amount spent in the Amount Invested section, and profit from sales in the Amount Returned section.

Make your life easier by effortlessly calculating some of the most important numbers in your business.

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