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Stuart Baldwin

Stuart Baldwin

Elmira NY

Having the extra capital is good for both the bottom line of the business and peace of mind at home

We’re in a low cost area of upstate New York, you could say affordable area of upstate New York. We own about 100 hundred houses. The biggest struggle we’ve had is finding banks that are willing to lend mortgage money on inexpensive houses. The average value of a house here is a little over one hundred thousand dollars. It makes it hard for us to get regular bank financing because a lot of banks have minimum mortgage amounts that are higher than what we would be looking for, for our low cost, affordable properties. So we’ve had a struggle to find ways to convert the private investor money, which is higher cost into lower cost bank money. I’m on the email distribution list of Credit Suite. I decided to go to the challenge, which was virtual because it looked like a wonderful smorgasbord of opportunities to raise additional capital. Very happy. I spent the three days to do that and especially happy that I spent the extra 99 bucks to be able to have a chat room dialog with the presenters that were of special interest. To me. I used to be a mortgage broker, so I understand the value of a good intermediary to help someone raise the capital that they need. Credit Suite through the challenge has met that need for me. Any small business owner needs capital, especially if they’re in real estate. Because of participating in the challenge, I was able to raise additional capital. We found the VIP backstage pass very helpful in expanding our business contacts. We’ve already raised some money from those new contacts and we’ve learned more about contacts related to companies we were already doing business with. I was not at all skeptical about paying an extra ninety nine dollars in order to have the VIP access in a chat room. In fact, I would have gladly paid more and that was even before knowing the benefit that we received. We raised over a quarter million dollars from a couple of the presenters. These were people we would not have known about if it were not for Credit Suite putting on that challenge, we use some of the money raised through the challenge to hire additional staffing to help our tenants navigate the blizzard of paperwork required to access New York State rent relief. My wife and I work together in the business, so having the extra capital is good for both the bottom line of the business and peace of mind at home. If they have another 30 day challenge, I will sign up in a heartbeat. So if you’re a small business owner, if you’re serious about raising additional capital, talk to Credit Suite.