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Stephen Childs

Stephen Childs

Philadelphia, PA

You have to have this product. Anything else to me would be futile and uncivilized.

To any entrepreneur that does not have business credit.


I would strongly suggest that you obtain it because essentially not having business credit would be like taking a thumb awful the hand of your business. When I got into the credit suite and getting into credit what I realized was all the answers were right here in one spot. And it intrigued me so much that because I help other entrepreneurs I wanted to get this information out. I have many different business loans that I was able to get and also that my clients were able to get working capital.


Short term bridge funding operational funding accounts receivables financing SBA loans which is amazing. The SBA loans that are available through the credit suite with terms of eight point to five to nine percent spread out over 10 years. I mean these things are unimaginable to a lot of small businesses because they don’t know where to look. Traditionally they go to the banks they ask questions the banks will steer them into products. As a banker does unaware that most of the funding for businesses do not come from banking institutions since 2000 and 18 I have sold one hundred and seven thousand dollars worth of products and services all related to the credit suite. And that’s just the credit suite. So I love their partner program. Every time I think something could be added it’s done before I can even call and ask them to add it. So they stay a step ahead of the game. The learning curve is so simplified and it made it made me a credit expert and in the sea of nonexistent credit experts out here so I’m technically the only game here in Philadelphia. My clients love the software. In fact, the minute that they get it and they open it they open the software for the first time they call me they all say wow this is amazing. And I just watched them whiz through the software. What I’ve been able to do per se, is become an expert in business credit to where I hold seminars. I hold it host events and then I’m able to speak freely as I do now about business credit which I wasn’t able to do before. Anyone that is sincere it cares about their family cares about their brand that cares about even just entrepreneurial education.


They do not teach this in college. Even if you have an MBA you cannot get this education and I know because I do. If you are serious about business this is the one product hands down whether you have it as a partner and you want to supplement your company’s income or whether you just purchase it as a client to where you have that whole credit suite team that’s going to backers you’re serious about success. You have to have this product. Anything else to me would be futile and uncivilized.