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Stephanie Ardrey

Stephanie Ardrey

Newport Beach, CA

Credit Suite has been a wonderful additional solution for my business

Hello I’mDr. Stephanie Ardrey. I’m the president of Blu Diamond capital. At Blue Diamond Capital we provide commercial brokerage, finance, and advisory services. I’ve been teaching businesses about capital for many years. And one thing that I find that many entrepreneurs lack an understanding about is about building corporate credit. Oftentimes entrepreneurs call me and they want capital so they’ll say well I want an investor not realizing that if you want to get an investor to invest in your business that you not only need to understand that you’re selling securities but you need to have a private placement memorandum that’s been created by a securities attorney as well as a very solid business plan. And all those things require initial capital. When I learned about the corporate credit and the Credit Suite program and how I could help my clients by assisting them in developing corporate credit. It was really a wonderful a wonderful solution. I trained thousands and thousands of entrepreneurs and it’s really sad for them when you feel like they are they’ve gone to their local bank and a local bank was not willing to satisfy their needs or they’re looking for SBA financing and SBA wants them to have been in business for about three years in most cases if the entrepreneur could last three years. Then in their minds they might not think that they really need additional credit. Some say well we’re going to operate our business we won’t need any outside capital because we’re going to use the cash from operations. What if you have clients that don’t pay you for 60 for 90 for 120 days?

How does that impact your business’s ability to not only operate and meet its obligations but what if you have an opportunity to run a special promotion or to acquire some of the resources that your business needs at a discount. You are waiting to receive your accounts receivables before you can further advance your own business objectives. Being able to represent Credit Suite has been a wonderful additional solution for my business. One of the greatest parts about having the solution is that I don’t have to worry about capacity. I have a huge organization that’s behind me and they have an effective team that’s able to deliver “A Class” service for my clients and so that’s very important to me.