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Sandy Northup

Sandy Northup

Angier NC

“We sold 5 business credit suites for $4,995 in one day!”

Every single boot camp that I have been to I have learnt something that has at least doubled my revenue when I leave.  And what I learnt the last boot camp was a game changer. We sold 5 business credits suites for $4,995 in one day at the last boot camp and it was because of Dex and Megan and Ty. And because we believed in the heart and soul.  I knew we could get the people business credit. I knew it, I believed it, I had seen it… Better than that, I knew we were going to circle around and we were going to get them funding and when we got them funding I knew we were going to get paid. So not only were we going to get $4,995, which by the way shut down my merchant account so please get it back up…. 60 days, 60 days to get another one and the best part of that we didn’t go out of business. They were holding $25,000. We paid commissions to our sales rep and continued to pay the rent because of business credit and because of business funding. So the only thing… And there is not anything that we can really say other than my life is so different because of these people who are on the stage with us. If I don’t get to talk to Dex I feel a little withdrawal because I just love him; he changed my life and he enables us to change the life of every single business owner that we talk to. And so when we go into a room and they tease about talking to the business owner at a restaurant that’s the first thing you think of because what you know is that you have got something that they don’t have and you can change their lives, and when you do that you’re going to make money, and that’s just wonderful. So when we watch the guy on the screen and I knew we were coming up here and I’m crying because that’s what we do every single day, and that’s what makes it different, it’s how you sell it. Get to know your client, know what they need, talk to them. There is no sales pitch, it’s just “what do you do? What do you need money for? I think we can help you do that, and if we can’t get your money today we can build your business credit and then we’re going to get your money. So it’s a win-win. You never have a time when you’re like aww sorry we can’t help you , and that’s what makes it amazing.