Hear from our clients why our business credit and partner program are so awesome.



Rey Fleming

Rey Fleming

Mesa, AZ

Credit Suite has changed not only our business but our lives.

Hi my name is Ray Fleming and I am co-owner of wise guys in ties. I’m here today to talk about credit suite and two phenomenal people that have gotten to know better.


Ty Crandall and Megan Christianson who they have developed not only a successful system that will help all entrepreneurs and all businesses access the funds that they need but they have changed not only our business but our lives. So, Joseph Smith and I have been able to now create over seven companies in funding is no longer an issue. Just last year we raised over seven hundred thousand dollars for our businesses. And we’ve done that for several other people as well through business credit and using credit suite system their finance suite allows smaller businesses that never had access to funds to really thrive in today’s economy.


There’s a general contractor JSC that we work with. And in two weeks I was able to get eighty-five thousand dollars in lines of credit which he is able to use to keep his business flourishing. We have a nail technician Phoebe. And she took her startup business from her home and now has it expanded into an office has now accessed well over what she needed for her business and is actually investing now into our business and expanding into real estate. So we’ve been able to not only help beginner entrepreneurs and small business owners but they are now expanding into becoming owners of multiple companies and accessing hundreds of thousands of dollars where before that was never an option. I can’t say enough about what credit suite has not only done for our business but all the other businesses in our community as we move forward.


We plan to not only continue to help with using credit suite as the primary financing option but the amount of business and impact to the community you choose credit suite like I have, and you can’t go wrong.