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Kass & Rindee

Kass & Rindee

Post Falls, ID

Credit Suite has been a huge asset to our business.

My name is Kass Tomany and my name is Rindee Sudweeks and we are the co-founders of Pine Grove Academy in northern Idaho, and it is a faith based Christian school with an individualized education program and a small community feel.

And we meet Mondays through Thursdays from nine to two, and our students range from pre-K to eighth graders.

Our business began on lots of runs when we were trying to solve the problems that we wanted for education for our own families. We wanted control over the curriculum. We wanted them to be a little bit more rigorous, and we wanted our children to be able to work on their level. We wanted our education of our families to include God. That was number one. We felt like until you can really reach their heart and spirit. We can’t reach their minds.

And so we really try to focus on bringing God into the curriculum and helping their hearts and spirits grow and feel connected with them. And then as we do that, then we can move on to the academics and really, really teach them.

Finding a space was a big stress and finding the teachers, finding the students, getting everything set up properly within the legal system. And as a nonprofit, all of those things take time and everything was slowed down because of the current pandemic.

We needed money, we needed capital. And we sat down with a lot of individuals that gave us the number that we needed and that felt overwhelming. We really felt like there was no way that we were going to be able to come up with that kind of money. But we just decided that regardless of if we came up with that magic number that we were going to push through and make it happen for the students.

Credit Suite has been a huge asset to our business.

They donated a large amount of Chromebook for us, which was absolutely vital for us to be able to provide that to indication in their math program and allowed us to research on a high quality, high quality devices. It has really been a huge blessing for us to have Credit Suite help in that way. They also have really consulted us on how to get set up properly. There is a lot as a new business startup to think about, and just the owners have been so gracious with their time andsharing their advice, experience and all of their wealth of knowledge. you’re going to hit that point where it’s hard and you’re tired and you wonder if it’s worth it. But if you always go back to your why do you have that really clearly defined, you’ll make it through, you know, those roadblocks, those moments of why are we doing this? We should maybe just, you know, start over or it just really helps you to push through. Just just go for it, too, and find the right people who are willing to support you and push you and encourage you.

I feel like that’s how we made it happen.


For more information about the Pine Grove Academy go to: www.PineGroveAcademyIdaho.com.