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Junius Bennett

Atlanta GA

My name is Junius Bennett. I am the CEO of Nu Life Veterans LLC. My experience with Credit Suite has been amazing. I started my business out of pain because I was an injured veteran myself, and I had no one to help me through the process of filing a disability claim. Most veterans are underrated. In fact, eight out of ten of them. A little while later. So I saw that there was a problem. And I’m providing a solution.

When I help someone get 100% and their children can go to college at age 18, they get a check in their own name. Their spouse can go back to college and get a degree because they got disabled. I happened to see Credit Suite’s ad on Facebook, the CEO of Credit Suite, Mr. Ty Crandall. I knew that he was an Air Force veteran, and I’m a veteran myself. I’m a Navy veteran. So I kind of trusted that the moment that I signed up with credits, we I got a phone call from the credit advisors.

Welcome to Credit Suite. And what’s my next step for Credit Suite what accounts is the platform for let’s get your business fundable credible in front of these lenders. When you enroll in a program, you lose a loan, or they call you and tell you what to do. So I didn’t feel alone. So I felt more empowered, if you will, to go ahead and continue with the service. But as a business owner, you’re going to need funding. You’re going to need capital to expand, grow, and scale your business.

So I enrolled into that service in 2021, and they had a straight a suite of advisors to help me get my credit, Fundability, credibility, and everything together. And once I did that, oh man, the sky’s the limit. I’m not only got universal credit lines; I also have lines of credit.


I just got BMW to finance a brand new 2023 M8 competition convertible and also an unlimited American Express business platinum card. I’m up my advertising budget by probably 1024 on a weekly basis because of that line of credit. I’m going to be buying equipment for doing podcasts in my office. I’ve gotten a lot of things done through credits. What that allows me to do was expand my business. So I’m excited about what they’ve done for me.

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