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Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith

Mesa, AZ

I knew that I wanted to work with these people, and we became business partners with Credit Suite

Hi, my name is Joseph Smith and I’m the co-owner and founder of wise guys in ties. We’re a real estate investing company. And we’ve partnered with Credit Suite. Back in 2008, I went through two foreclosures which led to bankruptcy and I had no access to any kind of money or credit. And I learned that real estate investing was the way to go. That’s where Credit Suite came along but I instantly after meeting Megan Christensen and listening to Ty Crandall and seeing their track record of success and seeing what they’ve been able to produce over a decade worth of helping thousands of entrepreneurs gain access to millions of dollars in lines of credit. I knew that I wanted to work with these people, and we became business partners with credit suite. In that time, we have been able to start four new businesses.


We already had three coming in, but we started four new businesses and what credit suite helped us to do in the partnership with them is it gave us some credibility. We leaned upon their success and that translated into our success. So, we built business credit on our business and that gave us the funds necessary. Take for example the condominium. We needed to completely redo the entire kitchen. We had to put new flooring. We had to paint everything the halls, the doorways needed to be expanded. I mean it just needed to be updated.


And we just did a complete renovation. But the credit that we built. Was able to help us pay for the rehab so that we could cover that cost.


And what’s great is we just put it on the market, and we’ve got a number of offers at full price. So we’re excited that that’s going to translate into a 15 or 20 thousand dollar profit for us. Business credit has also allowed us to gain access to. Like I said rental properties. And that has been tremendous because we have a duplex. And it’s in and it’s a beautiful duplex and we and we’ve been able to also find renters because we had to we had needed money to fix the kitchen and some of the appliances in there as well. We also have a triplex that we were able to get. Now I say try plex but it’s really a three bedroom two bath house and a duplex on the same lot. But but I mean you’re collecting three rent checks. So it’s a wonderful thing too. From where I’ve come from of having nothing and having no money or credit to have access to money and credit to do real estate that now pays for the lifestyle that I’ve always wanted to have and I credit that to credit Swede who’s given us that opportunity. And on top of that. We in our partnership with them we have been able to help. 46 people over the last year and their businesses start and grow their businesses by building business credit. And this is exciting because now those people are going to become our future investors working with us as well. So working with business credit is given us the legitimacy that we needed. It’s given us the success in our real estate business that we needed. But it’s also gave given us access to. Helping people helping people change their lives finding the resources that they need and thus supplying us with future investors.


For future real estate projects. I’m excited about everything that we’re going to that we have accomplished in just one year’s time and everything that we’re going to accomplish moving forward. If you asked me what should you do if you’re thinking about the partner program.


I would say make the choice absolutely yes wholeheartedly because when you when you think about their track record of success and what they have done for us imagine what they could do for you in their business.