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James Harris

James Harris

Dallas TX

“It's a one stop shop, puts everything all at my finger tips and allows me to have full control over the success of my business”

Hi my name is Jim, I’m the owner of the Morning Star Disability which is a disability firm. I’m actually recording this video testimony as you see here at my home office. I just wanted to do a quick video because I just wanted to inform the populist out there how excited we are about the business finance suite, because for intensive purposes there is not a lot and I’ve done plenty of research and I’m sure you probably have as well on the internet regarding business credit, how to obtain it, what are the one two three steps of how to get business credit and secure financing, which is so important for a small business such as myself to be able to survive and thrive in today’s economy. I’m sure that you can agree with that. And so what’s great about it is the fact that you have the support with the team, right, the finance suite product is so intergroup for our business because of the fact that it teaches you how to structure your business properly there were some things that I was missing, there were some things that I had, but there were some things that I was missing as well as the credit profiles and things like that to be created and invent the trader lines, like we would never know what are the criteria that are necessary, the underwriting guidelines for the vendors to be selective that when we would choose them that we would be approved versus something where it would negatively impact our credit because we were just taking a shot in a dark so I thought that was very, very important and of course you know, where are you going to find that like no one’s telling you anything about that right and then of course to be able to get a business credit cards in my business name with no Personal Guarantee you know because most of the time they want to get your Social Security Number when you’re applying for business credit card so this totally separates my personal from my business which is awesome. And then of course the major thing is securing financing you know we all need financing and working capital, my business sure does and did at the time and so it’s awesome. I’m very excited where I’m at today, I’m very excited about the process you know the team is very supportive, they are very knowledgeable about business credit and securing the best financial options for you right and they go through everything thoroughly. I can’t say enough about it but again because of the fact that it is exclusive you don’t see it anywhere else on the internet this puts everything, it’s like a one stop shop, puts everything all at my finger tips and with that being said it allows me to have control which is what I like to have, full of control over the success you know the success of my business and I’m sure that you would agree so anyway that’s my testimony, go out and buy your own business finance suite. Thank you.