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Dennis Graff

Dennis Graff

San Diego, CA

If you do it right. Funding is probably the greatest service I've had

I got into my current industry which I would define as a major big-time law practice of personal injury criminal law and what I what I call credit perfection and big-time funding. I actually had a friend a long time ago who the credit reporting agencies completely destroyed that man’s life unnecessarily. He ended up committing suicide. Like so many great things that have come. They arise out of tragedy that is motivated and motivates me every day to improve people’s credit. Now Ty has kind of performed. I want to say Ty I’m talking credit suite Ty Randall Of course. He’s kind of opened up a arena for people that had have no terrible personal credit have no collateral and can’t get a conventional loan. He’s opened an avenue where they can start and build within six months get 0 percent money for 12 to 18 months. Hundred thousand dollars in some cases.

If you do it right. Funding is probably the greatest service I’ve had maybe a religious type of service you can perform for people. If I had someone sit in front of me today and they said as their attorney what would you advise me. The first thing I’d say is don’t procrastinate for heaven’s sakes. Credit suite let you get in there program with a minimal payment. If someone told you-you had cancer or someone told you I can cure cancer and show you how to live a healthy hundred and fifty you wouldn’t say well gee I don’t know if I can afford it right now and I don’t love the payments of ninety-nine dollars. That’s what I threes are suffering 50 or whether it’s a little too much. You’d said everything you set aside now. Your personal credit and business often has credit cancer so you should look at it like that. Do it today. Credit suite is. I won’t say they’re a throwback to the old days. They’re an improvement on the throwback. I got a I got a call the first day. I think it was within two hours of signing up for the first 14 days ever but I got a call every day just asking me how it’s going. OK. This is what you need to do. Early on I talked to a man named Skip who’s just a absolute delight to deal with. Brilliant man skips the kind of guy that never gives you 100 percent on anything he gives you a thousand percent.

He is helpful. Ty Crandall who I as you may or may not know I referred to as Einstein. Some thought I was joking I wasn’t. Einstein said that things should be made as simple as possible but not simpler. And that’s what Ty did with credit suite. He took her into beastie of information that had to be just filled with his head and he reduced it to a process that that even I can follow because I’m basically computer almost illiterate and I can do it so anybody can do it.