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Becky Estep

Becky Estep

Oklahoma City, OK

"Credit Suite, and their system, is top notch it's one of the best systems I found, it’s amazing"

So I started doing Credit Repair, actually started doing mortgages first, and what I really did not like doing mortgages is that I couldn’t really help my clients if the bank told them no! They were just told no. And so I have somebody come across and they did, they did Credit Repair, they help people with their credit before you know they went to the bank so that they would get told yes. And so I really enjoyed that, I started helping people with their Credit they started getting houses, they start getting good rates on cars, and it just, it gave me a sense of purpose.

And so about 2 years ago, I decided that I wanted to help people Business Credit and so I started Google ling on Amazon, I found this book and It was like Business Credit Decoded and this guy Ty Crandall, wrote this book and I started learning all about building Business Credit.

So I looked into the Credit Suite program, and I signed up with them and I’ve taken off ever since. The impact that I feel, that I have in my community is that I am helping people grow by educating them about Credit, about building Business Credit, about how to get the right type of Financing, whether is on the Personal side or the Business side. On the Personal side, I have helped thousands of people getting the homes, be able to get really low rates on their cars, being able to purchase a car, being able to purchase a house just from the education and from helping them to repair their credit.

And on the business side I’ve been able to help people get funding for their businesses easily, you know where before they go to bank and they get turned down, with all the skills and all the things that I learned from Credit Suite, I figure out a way to you know get people approved for loans, and so I make it they were approved before they ever walk in to the bank so that they don’t get told no. Credit Suite was able to help my business because it added a new whole another layer to my business. I have a lot of people that come to see me already that need help with their credit, so there’s a lot of business owners that were coming to me, and so now I have another avenue for them to get financing, it helps protect them and so it’s just everything, I have a whole new second business because of Credit Suite, and their system, is top notch is one of the best systems I found, it’s amazing.