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Shane Closser How to Easily Manage Your Online Reputation

How to Easily Manage Your Online Reputation

Shane Closser is the Head of Industry/General Manager for Financial Services at Yext. He leads all financial services-related activities, including strategy, product, and ISV and GTM partnerships.

Shane is a published author and award-winning speaker; his research has been recognized by leading advisor firms (ex. Forrester and Gartner) and top software vendors (ex. Adobe, Oracle, Microsoft, etc.). With over 18 years of experience in Financial Services and High Tech, Shane specializes in strategy, product management, digital platforms architecture, and managing large transformational programs. His contributions have been integral to helping organizations redefine their digital strategy to drive revenue, customer retention and customer acquisition strategies. Before joining Yext, Shane was a Global Managing Director at Accenture serving as the Global Digital Platform Head and NA Marketing Services Head. Prior to that he built the Customer Experience Practice from the ground up at Virtusa.

During this show we discuss…

-What is Digital Knowledge Management and why you should care
-The most effective way to gather digital knowledge about your business
-Importance of Digital Knowledge Management to your brand’s growth
-Solutions provided by Digital Knowledge Management for a brand
-The impact of Digital Knowledge Management to a marketer
-How DKM aids in global recognition of a brand while it is locally controlled
-How digital marketing increase sales and boost brand engagement
-How digital marketing assist in product marketing
-How outdated information affects your brand
-How is voice search going to change things for your business
-How to get started with voice search
-How to make your business ready or accessible for voice search
-Tools that help you manage your online listings
-How to easily manage all your reviews in one place
-How AI impacts your business reputation
And much more

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