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Robert Hartline

How to Master Sales Communication
Robert Hartline went from selling cell phones from the trunk of his car in college in Murfreesboro, TN to building a chain of 61 wireless stores called Absolute Wireless.  Along with Callproof a software company, Dang It Repair a phone repair business with 8 locations and Hytch a carpooling service which launched in September 2017.  Robert Hartline is a serial entrepreneur, who built his businesses to where today they generate $100+ Million in total revenue.  

Robert lives with his wife and two young boys half the year in Nashville and the other in Costa Rica...  Robert enjoys traveling, learning new technology, surfing, off-roading, skiing and lots of travel...  Robert's newest company Shift Your Time coaches entrepreneurs how to move internal communication from email to phone to a app called Marco Polo saving business leaders 40 hours a month.  

During This Show We Discuss…
-How the way we communicate with customers is changing
-The biggest trends in the business communication space you should know about
-The biggest recent game-changers when it comes to business communication
-How to re-connect with unresponsive prospects
-Strategies to better mine inbound call leads
-How response time links to results with sales calls
-How and why people are reducing face-to-face meetings
-How to effectively build a relationship without face-to-face meetings
-How story can help start conversations with prospects
-The best questions to ask when qualifying prospects
-The biggest communication mistakes people make and how to avoid them
-Top platforms people are using to change the way they communicate
-The demise of email as a communication method
-Conversations you should never have through email
-The problems with Facebook Messenger you should know about
-How Marco Polo works, and why is it different?
And much more

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