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Richard Chapo

How to Not Get Sued and Legally Protect Your Online Business

A lawyer for 24 plus years, Richard Chapo (“chap-oh”) is a well-known Internet business lawyer in Southern California. Richard’s philosophy is to proactively position his clients to minimize their potential exposure to lawsuits. To this end, he provides advice to clients as large as multinational corporations and as small as hobby bloggers with an eye towards eliminating potential problems areas before lawsuits are filed. Richard is versed in a variety of Internet laws including the DMCA, Communications Decency Act, and Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, as well as FTC compliance guidelines, state privacy mandates, and recurring billing laws.

During this show you’ll discover…

  • Potential legal issues people may face when running an online business
  • Steps people should take to protect themselves when running an online business
  • Potential legal issues people should be aware of when they have a website or app
  • How to avoid getting sued
  • New changes to laws that may impact those who run online businesses
  • What you should do right from the beginning of starting an online business to reduce your risk of lawsuits
  • What can be done to protect yourself against others stealing your website content, and how you can monitor to see if people are
  • How to protect yourself from others infringing on your copyright
  • New requirements are out there for online businesses that offer recurring business models
  • Why every business should have a privacy policy, and what should be in it
  • The disclosures and disclaimers you should have on your website or app
  • Why would promising not to sell, share, or rent the personal information of your visitors could kill your business in the long run
  • What you should do if you get a demand letter about using an image without permission
  • How to stay in compliance with the FTC
  • The rights you have if a person leaves an inaccurate review about you online
  • And much more

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