Zach Beach: Crowdfunding, A Tool for Business Capital Innovation

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Zach Beach: Crowdfunding, A Tool for Business Capital Innovation

Real Estate Investment Strategist

Zachary Beach is part of the Smart Real Estate Coach family, located in Newport, Rhode Island. He is a successful real estate investor, completing over 100 deals in under 3 years, and he continues to buy & sell property without using his own cash, credit or investors’ money. Zach is co-authoring their second book, coming out in Early 2019: The New Rules of Real Estate Investing.


Zach grew up in central Massachusetts, but relocated to Newport when he had graduated from college. After graduation, Zach had no idea what he wanted to do, deciding to bartend and be a personal trainer until he had a solid plan. He soon realized he was burning the candle at both ends, working late nights and early mornings. He knew there was a better way.


At age 25, Zach decided to jump into the family real estate business. It was one of the first big risks he took in his life, as nothing was guaranteed. Plus, he knew absolutely nothing bout real estate. Through hard work, in house training and implementation, Zach has now completed over 100 deals and growing. On top of that, he coaches students across the country on how to buy and sell property just like his family still does. Now, as a group, they buy and sell 5-10 properties a month with a predictable and scalable system, controlling between $20-$25 million of real estate at any one time with little to no money in the deal and no banks involved.


During this show we discuss:

The important steps to take when starting up a real estate business

·         How to finance your startup real estate business

·         How to reduce risk attached to startup real estate investment

·         The major obstacles or difficulties in start-up real estate investment

·         The major challenges that come with investing in real estate properties

·         How to deal with the obstacles that comes with real estate investment

·         Generate authentic leads without having to send thousands of mails

·         Markets you should put your resources in order to get high ROI

·         How to invest in real estate without any money

·         Relevant investment strategies for your business

·         How to create continuous cash flow without using your cash or credit?

·         Buying and selling a property on terms

·         How to buy and sell on terms

·         How to a property below market value

·         Handling clients with bad profit and still making profit

·         How to bring back potential clients/buyers

·         Ways to boost your declining business

·         Profitable market you should put your resources in order to get high ROI

·         Factors to look out for when choosing members for your real estate team

·         Mr. Beach’s advice for start-up and long-term real estate investors respectively

And much more…


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