Dr. Steve Taubman: Zen and the Art of Thriving Under Pressure

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Dr. Steve Taubman: Zen and the Art of Thriving Under Pressure

There’s a 5-step process you can master to be in a Zen state and thrive under pressure. In this episode Dr. Steve Taubman teaches us all 5 steps and how to overcome our mental obstacles to reach once unobtainable levels of success.

About Our Guest:

Dr. Steve Taubman is a bestselling author and world-class speaker who has dedicated his life to show people how to thrive through their challenges. He's written extensively on the application of contemplative practices in stressful situations and has spoken worldwide on mindset mastery for goal-oriented and helping professionals.

Dr. Taubman's works include his bestselling book, UnHypnosis; his sales mastery program, The Magic of Inner Selling; his online productivity masterpiece, Procrastination Annihilation; and his latest book on thriving through stress on life's battlefields, Bulletproof. He's also written hundreds of articles for major publications and has produced specialized hypnotic programs for business professionals to remove mental barriers to success. 

In this show we discuss:

Why people experience challenges and difficulties

What makes it hard for people to face adversities

How to uncover unconditional happiness

How to reframe to be happy on the current state

How to reject conditional happiness and control the state of always happy

How to develop mindfulness

Steps to overcome adversities

How to develop a code of conduct to live your life

How to master focus to get more done and succeed

How to conquer frustrations by “leaning in”

Being simultaneously ambitious while filled with Zen-like detachment

How to improve ourselves when what we do is not working

How to master adversities

How to overcome adversities

How to stay calm in the midst of chaos

How to easily adapt to changes

How to reset the mindset for success

How can challenges and difficulties mold a person

How can Zen and a positive mindset help a leader

How to assess business and life

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