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Ken Wentworth – Business Growth Strategies


Ken Wentworth, also known as Mr. Biz, has spent more than 20 years advising businesses from Fortune 15 companies to startups on how to establish a solid financial path.  Ken teaches strategies that have yielded consistent results for clients for decades. With weekly live discussions, B2B Radio shows, as well as supplying access to a substantial library of recorded programs, video lessons, and articles, Ken gives everything business owners need to get where you want to go.


We will discuss:

- The best way to approach a strategy plan for a start-up business

- Avoidable mistakes start entrepreneurs make when self-financing

- 10 common mistakes start-ups make

- How to avoid these mistakes and how you can get out of its already made

- Boosting your business network

- How to scale in your small business

- 3 crucial mistakes of small business entrepreneurs and how to not fall victim

- Accelerating your business growth without spending much

- The right time to expand your business

- Tips to consider when expanding your business

- Keeping up with change in your business market

- The most profitable way to create and manage a budget for any kind of business

- The best way to attract paying clients to your business

- Improving cashflow from customers in your business

- How to choose members for a team without much consideration to their experiences and qualifications

- How to test the capability of individuals occupying leadership in your business

- How to assess the financial leadership of your business in relation to competency

- How you can revive a failed business on a budget

- Becoming a cash flow pro

- Mr Wentworth’s advice for start-up and veteran business entrepreneurs


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