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Julie Broad

How to Control Your Personal and Business Brand

Julie Broad is an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author and International Book Award winner, recipient of the Top 20 under 40 award for Vancouver Island (2014), a successful entrepreneur, recognized real estate investor and a popular speaker and workshop trainer.

After many years spent raising millions of dollars for real estate deals and training other investors to raise money and grow their own portfolio, she’s now known for helping real estate investors and new entrepreneurs who aren’t naturally born to sell, build a brand to get results and ultimately make more money.

During this Show We Discuss:

  • How to self-publish your book the right way
  • How to market your book and grow a massive following
  • How to recognize who your best client is and stay away from time-wasters
  • How to get prospects begging to do business with you, not you chasing them
  • How using the wrong tonality can be devastating to your personally and your business
  • The importance of using the right body language in every situation
  • How the M.A.G.I.C formula works for personal branding
  • How people can say the right things, but not get results, and what you can do to fix that
  • How “Making Your Words Meaningless” can be empowering to you and your brand
  • Why you need a personal brand even as a business owner
  • A couple of things that must be done to have a brand with big impact
  • How to best control your image online, and how important it is to do so
  • Sales advice for introverts
  • How to sell when it scares the pants of you to do so
  • The secrets to influence, and how you can have more and make a big impact in your business and life
  • Why you should ditch your degree


The New Brand You






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