Alex Frees

Alex Frees

Head of Marketing

Alex Frees

Alex Frees is the Head of Marketing at Credit Suite. He works closely with all members of the Marketing Team and Sales team to enhance the prospect-to-customer experience. He regularly writes email copy, develops marketing flow, works with the advertising team, and is helping to create new, scalable, and efficient marketing systems at Credit Suite. Alex also works closely with the product team to help make sure we have a good product-market fit. 

Before joining the Credit Suite team in January 2018, he was serving small businesses and professional practices through his marketing and business systems consulting firm, Profit Systems & Solutions.

Alex has over 10 years of experience in marketing and copywriting, is an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, and a frequent speaker in the areas of marketing, business automation, and client/customer selection, cultivation, retention, and referral.

Alex Frees, Head of Marketing at Credit Suite

Alex Frees is the Head of Marketing at Credit Suite. He regularly works with all the other teams to help business owners access capital

Job Title: Head of Marketing

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