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Mike Brown: Secret Investments Your Financial Advisor Won’t Tell You About

As Co-founder and Managing Member at Red Fox Capital, Mike brings over 20 years of experience challenging the typical financial advisor to think beyond conventional investment advice. His clients experience innovative approaches to building generational wealth and tax strategies through his innovative Integrated Asset  Management investment philosophy. Mike is the author of the bestselling book. “The  Real Perspective-Investment Secrets Your Financial Advisor Won’t Tell You” that shares his step by step strategies his clients use to build retirement income and wealth while lowering their taxes. 

Mike was named the youngest Director of Finance by the National Republican Senatorial Committee, to lead the finances of a U.S. Senate campaign. Mike was also named the National Director of Finance for Team 100, an elite organization created by President George H. W. Bush, which comprises of the country’s top business leaders and wealthy families.

During the show, we discuss:

  • How risky is it to pick out your own stocks

  • Integrated Asset Management

  • How Integrated Asset Management help investors reduce risk and increase returns

  • Importance of risk tolerance

  • How to figure out risk tolerance

  • How financial advisors being a disservice to their clients

  • Steps to start investing

  • Kinds of investments that are good for beginners

  • Other investment to consider aside from stocks and bonds

  • Things to consider before making any investment decisions

  • How smart investors invest in a falling market

  • How to handle market fluctuations

  • Secret investment strategy during the COVID-19 pandemic and political uncertainty

  • Investor’s exposure to Wall Street products

  • Why invest in Wall Street products

  • How to effectively build your Portfolio

  • How often should I check my portfolio

  • Secret investments that your financial advisor will not tell you about

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