Meet our awesome team


Matt Kiselstein

Head of Sales

(877) 600-2487

Matt Kiselstein is a 25 year veteran of sales and sales management. Early in his career, Matt developed a passion for helping small businesses. He has since made a career out of elevating the teams he manages by creating revenue-driving solutions for the clients they serve.

“With the ever evolving business landscape as a result of technology, some things don’t change. It still takes a human. And when clients are met with a tenured, empathetic perspective and they are introduced to big solutions rooted in sustainable philosophy, everybody grows.”

A devoted husband and father, Matt can often be found at the kitchen table playing board games with his family.

Lane Mugleston

Senior Account Executive

(877) 600-2487

Lane has been in the Business Credit arena for 8+ years and is still loving it! He has been with Credit Suite since 2013, almost the very beginning! Lane says the principle he lives by is, "To be successful in business you need to first create true value and then the dollars will follow. As you perceive and believe in your can surely achieve them.”

Jimmy Harrell

Senior Account Executive

(877) 600-2487

Jimmy says being part of Credit Suite is like having a second family. He enjoys coming to work every day and helping people achieve their dreams of starting a business.

Jimmy is from Lakeland, FL, and is married to his high school sweetheart and they have two beautiful daughters. They spend all of their free time outside in the pool or going to Disney.

Scott Krakowski

Senior Account Executive

(877) 600-2487

Scott has over twenty years of experience in banking, sales, leadership and working with C-Suite personnel and owners of small businesses and chains. His success is due to strong skills in sales prospecting, client development and account management.

Scott has won numerous awards throughout his career such as Employee of the Year, Team Collaboration Award, and Manager of the Year. He also has an extensive background in consumer relations and business development working with small businesses as well as enterprise companies in obtaining a successful start in financing and compliance. Scott attended Wilmington University as a Sociology major and successfully obtained an All Lines Adjuster license in the state of Florida. In addition, he is a licensed Credit Analyst in the state of Delaware.

Scott is a Delaware native that planted his roots in Tampa, Florida in 2004. He enjoys being outdoors, especially fishing with his wife, training his Portuguese Water Dog and playing a little cornhole. He is very excited to be part of Credit Suite and is looking forward to a bright future.

Mark Tittle

Senior Account Executive

(877) 600-2487

Mark is the father of two great kids and has been married to the love of his life for 10 years. He was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, and is a die-hard Buckeye fan. Relocating to Florida in 2008 has turned him and his family into a Disney family, visiting the parks as often as possible.

Mark spent 18 years in the retail world as a General Manager for a big-box furniture store before choosing Credit Suite as his home. The driving force behind his decision was the vision and values that Credit Suites upholds. It's not only fun for him to come to work, but loves that he gets to help change the lives of business owners by helping them achieve their dreams.

Bob Corbett

Senior Account Executive

(877) 600-2487

Bob is a former U.S. Marine originally from Boston, Massachusetts. He has been married to his wife, Donna, for 24 years. They have two daughters.

Bob and his wife love to host friends and family in their home on the weekends. They love cooking, throwing parties, and surrounding themselves with family.

Bob says, "I have been in the world of business credit for several years and I love having the opportunity to help my clients build their business credit. My goal is to see them succeed and give them every opportunity I can. I enjoy meeting new business owners every day and can’t wait to help them achieve the business credit of their dreams!"

Sean Layton

Account Executive

(877) 600-2487

Sean has provided exceptional service to his clients across many financial markets. His extensive business knowledge spans from his time auditing companies such as the USPS and St. Louis Rams, distilling and marketing Sammy Hagar’s Rum, to being a financial controller for Harley-Davidson. His work ethic is built on: Dedication, Communication, Determination, & Trust while embodying the ability to cater and adapt to all his clients’ financial needs.

“Just as your business evolves to become more innovative and efficient, so do I. With an understanding of your needs and wants, I will do my best to help you achieve them all!”

Setter Team

The Credit Suite Setter team uses both outbound and inbound calling to screen for qualified leads and book & confirm sales consultations.

Annie Francisco

Sales Development Lead

(877) 600-2487

Annie has been an integral part of Credit Suite since 2016 and says “It’s always a delight in my work to speak initially with prospective clients, especially those who are very passionate about their business. Furthermore, it’s thrilling to know that they want Credit Suite to be a part of their business endeavors. I'm certainly looking forward to spending more years with Credit Suite.”

Annie is blessed with a wonderful family, being lovingly married with 2 children. Not to mention her 2 lovable dogs, Crackles (Lhasa Apso) and Cringles (Shih Tzu).

Annie loves spending countless hours in the kitchen making hearty dishes and desserts. Her downtime involves movie marathons, arts and crafts or even DIY home improvements.

Joy Soylon

Sales Development Coordinator

(877) 600-2487

Joy says “I feel so blessed to be part of Credit Suite because this company offers great support and awesome help to their clients. Not only that, this company also has an incredible working environment.”

Joy is a helpmate to her awesome husband and proud mom to her gorgeous daughter. They love doing things together as a family, like going on an adventure, cooking meals together and the list goes on.​

Joy is her daughter’s home school teacher and they include doing DIY stuff like taking care of their herb garden, cooking, and baking for their home school sessions. ​

Marriane Ando

Sales Development Specialist

(877) 600-2487

Marriane previously worked in the BPO industry as a customer service agent, which gives her vast experience in working with different types of clients. She says “Working with Credit Suite is truly a blessing because aside from the fact that they help their clients succeed, it also helps me improve my skills and become a better individual with the support of my team. I am very proud and truly blessed to be working with Credit Suite.”

Marriane is happily married to her soulmate and is enjoying motherhood. She loves spending time with her family, even if that means just staying at home, watching movies, eating and cuddling.

Rhea Ladiao

Sales Development Specialist

(877) 600-2487

Rhea has been in the customer service and sales industry for many years, from being a Customer Service/ Sales Support employee to Customer Service Manager, as well as a Sales Team Manager and Retention Manager prior to joining Credit Suite in 2016. Her previous experiences helped her to become better at what she does, especially in dealing with clients and with co-workers.

Rhea says, “I am proud to be a part of Credit Suite, which gives great help and support to clients. Being an appointment setter also makes way for me to be able to help business men and women to obtain business credit and financing by encouraging them to speak with a credit specialist. I'm enjoying my job and loving it.”

Rhea is a proud mother of 3. Two are grownups already, that's why most of her time is spent with her youngest boy. When she is off from work her favorite thing to do is to bike or walk around their village with her son.

Marjorie Canoy

Sales Development Specialist

(877) 600-2487

Marjorie is a graduate of Business Management from a state university in the Philippines. She has more than 5 years in customer service experience which honed her skills in dealing with different types of clients. She says “I love working with Credit Suite because I know we are helping clients succeed.”

Marjorie loves travelling with her family and is also into KPOP music.

Daisy Hassan

Sales Development Specialist

(877) 600-2487

Daisy says, “I am happy to be part of Credit Suite, a company with excellent customer service that helps people succeed in their business.”

Daisy is a mother to a playful and active toddler and she always finds joy in being with her family. Spending time together is what they always look forward to. They love to play games and go to the playhouse on the weekend. Daisy also loves going to the beach and different places.

Gemma Peligros

Sales Development Specialist

(877) 600-2487

Gemma says “Coming to work every day has become a pleasure having an awesome team around. Credit Suite's incredible team spirit that aims to support people achieve their dreams of becoming successful in business and in life helps me see a bigger picture of serving others. Having this opportunity to be part of Credit Suite is a huge blessing.”

Gemma enjoys being outdoors as well as doing farm work and says that it can be fun and productive. She also believes that baking cakes and other pastries can be just as fun as sharing them with family while enjoying watching movies and TV series.

Marian Gallego

Sales Development Specialist

(877) 600-2487

Marian finds solitude a welcome relief and enjoys doing activities where she can spend time alone - like writing calligraphy, creating art, reading books and binge watching Korean dramas.

Being an introvert, Marian considers herself blessed to be part of Credit Suite because she feels it provides her opportunities to enhance her communication and interpersonal skills. She says, "I am not only able to converse with people on a daily basis, but I am also able to assist business men and women in their business endeavors."

Alvin Melis

Sales Development Specialist

(877) 600-2487

Alvin joined Credit Suite in June 2021 as an Appointment Setter and came to us with a strong background in customer service. Alvin's easy going nature and ability to listen makes him excellent at what he does. Looking back, Alvin appreciates that his past experiences have given him the opportunity to improve in his career and gain a lot of wonderful memories.

Alvin is the youngest of three children and describes himself as a person who simply "lives his life trying to be genuinely himself". He loves meeting new people, food, traveling and going on adventures.

Barbara Monisit

Sales Development Specialist

(877) 600-2487

Barbara comes to Credit Suite with excellent experience in the BPO industry as a customer service representative. When asked how she feels about working for the company, she replied “I am very proud and truly blessed to be working with Credit Suite. I was able to find a family that motivates me to go to work every day and at the same time, help our clients succeed."

Barbara enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends. She is addicted to K-Pop music and Korean Dramas!

Eula Mae Busbus

Sales Development Specialist

(877) 600-2487

Eula loves being a part of the Setter Team and says that despite the many differences in background, we are all grounded on the same values - teamwork, respect, and commitment. Eula feels that working at Credit Suite is similar to traveling as she gets to speak to people from all different backgrounds each with a unique story.

Eula describes herself as a social butterfly, a peacekeeper, and a "fairness-obsessed person". She enjoys baking, watching romantic movies and listening to music and dreams of travelling to at least one country per continent to experience the culture, traditions, language and food!


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