Small Business Loans in Kentucky

Ready to find success and secure a small business loan? You're in the right place! Our in-house research team of finance experts has compiled this most comprehensive list of business loans for you to find the best option for you. Bad credit and startups acceptable when meeting specific qualifications.

10 Small Business Loans in Kentucky

Our compilation is the result of in-depth research into small business lenders in Kentucky, utilizing data that's been independently verified. The lenders are ranked according to the volume of small business loans they've distributed throughout the year.

Essentially, we're spotlighting those financial institutions and lenders that are actively providing the most loans to small businesses within the state.

(This stands in contrast to many other platforms, which often focus on nonprofit organizations that seldom offer loans or on governmental programs that are not accessible to a wide range of businesses!)

Takeaway: Both small and big banks are among the top small business lenders in Kentucky. 

Methodology: Our findings are grounded in data from SBA 7a loans, ensuring that every lender mentioned provides SBA loans. Beyond this, we've detailed various other small business financing options these lenders advertise on their sites.

It's worth noting that mainstream banks often set high standards, including robust credit scores and a business history of more than two years. Recognizing this barrier, we've introduced our list with two alternative financial solutions aimed at aiding small business owners facing credit challenges or those newly established.

1. Credit Suite

Credit Suite stands as a leader in business credit consulting and software solutions, also delivering two innovative financing options beyond the conventional routes.

Their Cash Flow Financing option is tailored for entrepreneurs who have established their businesses for a few years and face minimal credit score demands. It enables businesses to utilize their existing cash flows for obtaining adaptable financial support. 

Instead of fixed monthly installments, repayments are made as a proportion of the business's continuous cash flow.

Moreover, the Credit Line Hybrid is focused exclusively on the personal creditworthiness of the borrower, sidestepping the need for detailed financial statements, bank records, or business proposals. 

Aimed at emerging startups and entrepreneurs, it provides access to funds ranging from $5,000 to $150,000. This option is particularly suited for businesses in their formative years, especially those under two years old.

Business financing options offered:

  • Credit Suite Cash Flow Financing

  • Credit Suite Credit Line Hybrid

2. The Huntington National Bank

Huntington National Bank stands out not only as Kentucky's premier lender to small businesses but also as the foremost issuer of SBA 7a loans nationwide.

This distinction ensures their presence among the top lenders in nearly every state, underscoring their commitment to the small business sector.

Beyond SBA lending, Huntington provides an expansive suite of financing solutions tailored for small businesses, ranging from equipment financing and agricultural loans to diverse real estate financing options.

Business financing options offered:

  • Equipment leasing

  • Church lending

  • Greek house financing

  • Agricultural loans

  • Warehouse lending

  • Real Estate loans, term loans, and lines of credit

3. Community Trust Bank

Community Trust Bank is high up on this list because they issue many small business loans. They list many different types of business financing products on their website. However, they don’t give a ton of detail about each one.

Community Trust Bank may have something for you, but you’ll have to visit a bank branch to find out.

Business financing options offered:

  • Construction Loans

  • Permanent Commercial Real Estate

  • Revolving Credit Lines

  • Accounts Receivable Financing, including general & lockbox receivable financing

  • Low Doc Loans (up to $150,000)

  • SBA 7a Loans

  • SBA 504 Loans

  • USDA Loans

  • Auto Floor Plans

  • Letters of Credit

  • Amortization Loans for purchase of assets

4. U.S. Bank

US Bank, a major national banking entity, offers an extensive selection of business financing options. With its widespread network of branches, it's likely you've encountered one of their locations in your community.

Business financing options offered:

  • US Bank Quick Loan

  • Business Term Loan

  • Commercial Real Estate Loan

  • Equipment Financing

  • SBA Loans

  • Dental, Medical, and Vet Practice Loans

  • Business Line of Credit

  • Manage Cash Flow

  • Business Equity Line of Credit

  • Business Reserve Line

  • 4 Business Credit Cards

5. Stock Yards Bank & Trust Company

Stock Yards Bank & Trust Company was founded in Louisville in 1904. It’s grown quite a bit since then, and now its parent company, Stock Yards Bancorp, is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange. 

Stock Yards offers a decent line up of small business loans. 

Business financing options offered:

  • Commercial Real Estate

  • Working Capital Lines of Credit

  • Term Loans

  • SBA Loans Programs

  • Acquisition Financing

  • Business Credit Cards

6. Republic Bank & Trust Company

Republic Bank & Trust is also headquartered in Louisville, with bank branches throughout the state. 

Business financing options offered:

  • Business Loans & Lines of Credit

  • MoneyManager Unsecured Loan

  • MoneyManager Unsecured Line of Credit

  • Small Business Administration (SBA) Lending

  • Community Loan Fund

  • Practice Finance Solutions

  • Community & Multicultural Banking

  • Term Loans

  • Real Estate Financing

  • 4 Business credit cards

7. PNC Bank

PNC stands out as a vast, nationwide bank featuring numerous storefronts. Its extensive footprint naturally leads to a broad selection of small business financing options and a portfolio of five distinct business credit cards.

On their online platform, they provide essential details about the available loan sizes and the terms for each type of financing. The bank facilitates applications via the internet and provides a comprehensive checklist of required business documentation for loan application submissions for each type of loan.

Business financing options offered:

  • Term Loans

  • Unsecured Small Business Loans

  • Secured Small Business Loans

  • Small Business Commercial Real Estate Loans

  • Secured Vehicle Finance Loans

  • Small Business Lines of Credit

  • 5 Business Credit Cards

8. BayFirst National Bank

BayFirst National zeroes in on SBA loans, boasting on their site slogans like "Rapid Business Financing!" and "Dedicated in-house team for swift funding." The presence of an internal underwriting team signifies both rapid processing and profound know-how.

Given the typical extended timeline for SBA loan approval, this capability stands out as a significant boon for them.

Business financing options offered:

  • SBA Loans

  • Commercial Real Estate Loans

  • Commercial Term Loans

  • Commercial Lines of Credit

  • Construction Loans

  • Heavy Equipment Financing

9. Old National Bank

A modest-sized bank in Indiana, known for its significant activity in issuing SBA loans.

Business financing options offered:

  • SBA Loans

  • Term Loan

  • Traditional Line of Credit

  • SBA Loans 

  • Community Development Lending

  • 2 Business Credit Cards

10. JP Morgan Chase Bank

Chase Bank stands out as a major financial institution nationwide, which naturally extends to their substantial involvement in small business financing within Kentucky.

Their reputation among small business owners is significantly bolstered by their widely recognized business credit cards, known for their attractive rewards programs. 

A notable feature of several of their credit cards is the strategic partnerships with leading airlines and hotels, enhancing the value of the rewards offered.

Business financing options offered:

  • 2 Business lines of credit

  • 3 Business loans

  • Commercial real estate financing

  • 4 business credit cards, plus 6 co-branded airline/hotel cards

How to apply for a small business loan in Kentucky 

Getting your small business funded doesn't have to be overwhelming, regardless of how many steps may be involved. Let the leading business guides at Credit Suite help you along the way!