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Credit Suite’s podcast The Business Credit and Financing Show has become one of the most popular financial podcasts on iTunes with over 400 episodes and over 350,000 downloads.

Each week we cover topics that help business owners improve their Fundability, build their business credit, and get financing to grow.

We also interview INDUSTRY EXPERTS and INFLUENCERS like YOU where you share tips and tactics on how you’re succeeding in your industry or as an influencer… so other entrepreneurs can use these tips to find higher levels of success faster.

Watch our short video below to learn more about your interview:

Our podcast is featured in many destinations, some of which include:

  • iTunes
  • iHeart Radio
  • Radio.com
  • Spotify
  • Tumblr 

Each episode is pre-recorded through Zoom where we record both audio and video.  Each episode is shared with our social network of nearly 200,000 as well, giving our guests A LOT of exposure.

Guest on our show are not novices or newbies!  Most of our guests are recommended to us by other high-level influencers. 

We only invite and interview:

  • Thought leaders who’ve earned the admiration of their peers
  • Industry experts who are changing the landscape of their industries
  • Influencers who are making a REAL difference

There is NO cost to be featured on our show!  And your interview will get its own featured webpage that will make you look like the ROCKSTAR you are.  You can see our other industry-leading guest pages here https://www.creditsuite.com/podcast/


To be featured on our show we look for the following requirements:

  • Be a thought leader or respected as an influencer in your industry
  • Come from a place of service, openly giving, and helping others
  • Consider what you do as having a “purpose” and be thoughtful in your mission

More than likely, you already meet these requirements, it’s why you’ve been invited to this page.

Next Steps

  1. CLICK HERE or use the scheduler below to schedule your podcast interview
  2. Watch the 2 short videos you’ll receive through email about what to expect on your interview
  3. Enjoy your interview on the scheduled day and time through Zoom!
  4. After your interview, we’ll send you all your assets and social media links to share with your audience
  5. We promote your interview on our social media channels and podcast networks

Business Credit & Financing Show

Host, Ty Crandall

Business Credit & Financing Show

Host, ​​Brandy Williams