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Derek Gallimore

Using Outsourcing to Grow Faster and Radically Reduce Staffing Costs

Derek Gallimore started his first venture as a self-employed personal trainer at one of the world’s premier gym brands. He was only 17 at the time. This was Derek’s first taste of business. He learned a lot, and he caught the entrepreneurial bug. Since then, Derek has been involved in the full spectrum of business – property development, and investment, traditional bricks, and mortar commerce, and of course, web and e-commerce. Derek almost has a religious zeal for business and entrepreneurship – and the benefits it can bring the world. 

He has experienced the highest-of-highs from business and scored some incredible wins. But he’s also been through his fair share of challenges – hardship, and outright failures. This the ride, the roller coaster ride of business. Derek has been outsourcing since 2011 and realized the incredible power and opportunity it presented for business. He founded Outsource Accelerator in response to the growing need for an independent source of outsourcing information, education, and transparent marketplace.

During This Show We Discuss…
-What outsourcing is and how to use it to grow your business
-Why outsourcing is so important
-The types of tasks that can be outsourced
-How outsourcing can help radically reduce staffing costs
-What you need to know about employment taxes and those who you outsource work to
-How to find the right person to outsource work to
-The best platforms for finding freelancers
-How to find the right freelancer to outsource to
-The questions that are best to ask to know if you’ve found a good freelancer
-How to manage someone remotely
-How to best train remote workers
-Which countries are best for outsourcing and why
-How to find great English speakers and writers in these freelancers
-Why the culture in the Philippines is perfect for outsourcing?
-How to know whether to hire someone or outsource
And much more

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