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Chris Cooper

How Mentors Can Help 10X Your Business

Chris Cooper is the founder of the largest mentoring practice in the fitness world, with clients on every continent.  He started his entrepreneurial life as a gym owner.  In 2005, Cooper had a new home, wife and baby. His job as a personal trainer wouldn’t cover the bills, so he opened a business -- or so he thought.  Three years in, Cooper realized he really didn’t have a business, but had just bought himself a high-risk job with no upside. When he missed a pay period, he hit bottom and realized he needed help. He found a mentor, and paid for the service with a check that should have bounced.

 Over the next two years, Cooper was taught how to build a real business.  He began mentoring gym owners in 2013, and founded his own practice, Two-Brain Business, in 2016. It rapidly grew to become the largest fitness mentorship practice in the world, with over 350 gyms participating worldwide.

 In 2017, Cooper opened the Two-Brain Workshop to help entrepreneurs in his beleaguered city. He immediately attracted the attention of many local business owners who wanted to grow their service business. His last two books, Two-Brain Business 2.0 and Help First, are applicable to any service, and his local clients include spa owners, accountants, HR managers, administrators and attorneys. Now he operates local seminars and trains mentors under the Two-Brain umbrella

During This Show We Discuss…

  • How sales funnels can hurt you
  • What you should know about affinity marketing
  • How to implement relationship marketing to rapidly grow your business
  • How to use content marketing to scale a business
  • What you should know about the “Hero’s Journey” way of storytelling, and how to use it to grow
  • Important ways to retain customers, long-term
  • The types of systems that are essential for businesses to succeed
  • The best ways to 10X your business
  • How important discipline and patience are as you grow your business
  • The best ways to set and follow through with goal setting
  • Why it’s important to find a great mentor
  • The most effective ways to incentive your team
  • The best ways to mentor your team
  • How important health is to growing a successful business
  • And much more

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