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Benaiah Poindexter


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Scalp Prodigy is a micropigmentation business based in Nevada, Maryland, and California. Specializing in offering an alternative to hair transplant surgery, Scalp Prodigy caters to both men and women experiencing hair loss.

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Before venturing into the micropigmentation business, Benaiah Poindexter had a background as a senior procurement specialist working as a government contractor. Armed with a master’s degree in business, Benaiah had already laid the groundwork for entrepreneurship through business classes. The decision to enter the micropigmentation industry was influenced by mentorship and observing the positive impact of the craft on individuals’ lives.

“One of my mentors had a location in Bethesda, Maryland and we had been friends online for a while. I was interested in what he did and I thought it was a great service that he provided. I just didn’t know if that was something that I would be interested in. But he convinced me to take a class and asked me to come down for a few weeks. So, I did! Once I saw his clientele, saw what he was doing, saw how happy they were, [and] saw he was changing lives…I decided this is something I wanted to be a part of.”

Scalp Prodigy

Hair loss can be addressed through Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), a non-invasive solution with immediate results and zero downtime. This innovative treatment, utilizing layered pointillism to create a natural gradient mimicking native hair follicles, offers a swift resolution to concerns stemming from male or female pattern baldness. With just four treatments, Scalp Micropigmentation by Scalp Prodigy eliminates hair loss worries, allowing individuals to confidently resume their lives without fear of rejection or eroding self-confidence.

In addition to Scalp Micropigmentation, they also offer brow services in their multiple salon locations and a groundbreaking mentorship program to allow others who share a similar passion to learn everything it takes for their dreams in the industry to become a reality.

Credit’s Suite Impact for the Business

Credit Suite played a crucial role in Scalp Prodigy’s success by providing working capital. This infusion of funds allowed Benaiah to expand the marketing budget, ultimately attracting more clients. While the specific funding amount was not disclosed, it significantly contributed to the business’s ability to scale and reach a broader audience.

A Bright Future Full of Expansion

With the support of Credit Suite, Scalp Prodigy has expanded into training and mentoring programs. Collaborating with Vanguard S&P in Orlando, Florida, Scalp Prodigy is conducting master classes to teach students the intricacies of their craft and business model. This move towards education and mentorship demonstrates Scalp Prodigy’s commitment to sharing their expertise and contributing to the growth of the micropigmentation industry.

“We are doing master classes with students that are trying to learn our craft and we basically are cutting the learning phase by letting them mimic our business model. So we are getting more into training and mentorship and allowing them to see how the back end of our business is run so they can actually get the business process,” Benaiah explains.

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