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5 Benefits of a VPN for Business

November 14, 2023
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Using the Internet has become a vital part of the working process for many businesses. Nowadays, more and more employees start working remotely, which can lead to the risk of undesirable sharing of corporate data. Various malware and hackers’ attacks prove that additional layers of security are needed. A Virtual Private Network, or a VPN, which is a technology that enables additional levels of security to company information, can be of assistance for online working staff members.

What is a VPN?

A VPN for business is a server that provides a confidential connection over the Internet and keeps your online activity secure. The data is encrypted, which means that people don’t have access to your personal information, therefore it can not be used for any criminal purposes. A VPN in business, as well as in private life, is an essential means for granting security to individuals and enterprises in today’s global world.

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VPN for Business

5 Main Reasons to Use a VPN for Business

#1 This is an Additional Method of Protection

VPN for BusinessReliable cybersecurity is the basis of a smooth operation for businesses. The bigger the corporation is, the more protection has to be applied since the consequences of malware become exceedingly critical and entail large expenses.

Becoming a victim of a hacker’s attack sounds like something that happens only to other people or firms, and the reason for it is that only the largest cases make headlines. The actual number of breaches is a lot higher. With the help of VPNs and staying away from using public networks by business employers, the chance of getting attacked lowers down to zero.

In the case of connecting to public Wi-Fi while using a VPN for business, all data is encrypted and protected. When hackers try to use it for their villainous purposes, it is useless to them. They have access only to a VPN provider’s IP address, which won’t lead them to any of the user’s information.

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#2 Gaining Ability to Connect to the Corporate Network From Anywhere

Earlier, all the apps, software, and data of the company were in the office. With the development of web and cloud services, like Google Workplace, the need for data centers became outdated. This was because apps and data which  used by workers can be stored in the cloud. Moreover, modern companies prefer a remote scheme of working with employees not in the office but working online. Team members who prefer working from the virtual office can connect to a network of their workplace from anywhere. That is, all around the globe.

Working on a project in a coffee shop, airport, café or any other public Wi-Fi is convenient and gains its popularity. Sadly, these Wi-Fi spots are extremely insecure. This is especially after threatening defects were found in WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access II, a security program to protect wireless computer networks). This program is a standard encryption tool in many Wi-Fi networks. These program weaknesses make it possible for bad actors to track the activity of a person and his/her data opened while using public Wi-Fi.

For remote workers, this can result in very sensitive company information like passwords, financial documents, clients’ personal data being stolen. Consequently, this can lead to further fraud and other malicious activity.

VPN services enable workers to share files securely. The majority of VPNs have a function to control who can see the documents to make sure that the employees can only open files which they should.

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#3 Access to Blocked Resources and Services

Business travelers enjoy going from one country to another and work online. What needs to be done if online corporate resources that are necessary for work can not be accessed in some countries? For example, in China users can’t access certain websites only because the country has blocked some services. Solely a VPN for business can come into use in such a situation. After all, while staying in China, you can use Gmail, Facebook, Linkedin, and other sites that are banned there. VPN services work there and you can surf the Internet as though you are located in some more free country. For the ones who need it, this solution can be extremely important as when using a VPN you can get an ID of any place in the world and you don’t need to worry about censorship anymore.

Nonetheless, you must be familiar with your VPN provider’s privacy and logging policies. Some of the providers keep thorough logs and can give them to authorities in case they ask. The other VPN providers, who don’t collect such kind of information, can limit IT people from using the services. In any situation, it is mandatory to read privacy and logging policies and discuss them with IT people in your company to find the most suitable balance of the choice options.

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VPN for Business

#4 Reduced Cybersecurity Costs

It takes a lot of money and time to establish the level of protection within a company as a VPN provides. Specialists who are able to customize the services also will be listed as additional expenses for a company. If you use a cloud VPN for business, the system will work automatically. The need to involve an additional administrator is minimized. So, if there was a choice between using a VPN in business or spending funds on expanding an IT department, what would be a better, cheaper choice?

A VPN for business is a very affordable option for companies, whose budget is limited. Normally, a monthly subscription for VPN services costs less than $10 per one account when purchased through a commercial licensing plan.

It is common that VPNs have a feature that allows five people to get access using one same record. The companies can save money when five staff members log into a single VPN account.

For such not high expenses, the company can get military-level encryption of data they share and protected authentication access. That can be a significant benefit for small and medium businesses.


One more low-cost option is to install a good VPN router in the company’s office. This will provide secure Wi-Fi with a single VPN account. That opportunity is very advantageous for employees, who work in the office.

It is highly important that only one team uses a single VPN address. The personally assigned IP address can help to get the best level of protection and accessibility.

Free Wi-Fi options often display advertisements, their connection speeds are low as many people use the application simultaneously, and they have a very limited choice of servers. This can be an option for individuals who use a VPN rarely for personal needs, but it is definitely a poor choice for big companies using a VPN every day for business.

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#5 Increased Security for Customers

Many companies give Wi-Fi access to their customers. Hotels, restaurants, cafés, airports – the Internet is almost everywhere! Anyway, the larger the public network is, the more danger hides in it. If someone uses public Wi-Fi to check the news or see the weather forecast for the next day, that’s one thing. It is a lot different when the client of the organization decides to log into his account by entering a password. Or she uses her credit or debit card information to pay for some purchase online.

Some people want to relax in a café with public Wi-Fi and watch a fun movie from services like Popcorn time. This multi-platform is a free alternative to subscription-based services such as Netflix. The lawfulness of the application depends on the jurisdiction. That is why it is better for a watcher to use free VPN for Popcorn Time as its misuse can lead to serious legal problems.

If your company collects data from clients or patients, you can make a step to soften their worries with the help of using a VPN in your place. Many people may not be aware of what VPN calls for, but a little explanation can lead to great success. Wouldn’t you trust the company that does its best to take extra action to keep your data protected?

Enforcing a VPN for staff members working remotely is an accessible, clear, and efficient choice. Nevertheless, it works only when everyone is on the same page. You should make sure that all employees are on board and keep working according to the implemented VPN protocol. New members of a team need to be learn about it right away. And they need to work according to the set VPN standard of the corporation.

VPN for Business


VPN is a modern, easy-to-use and affordable tool to  increase the security of your company. And now you know 5 main reasons why every business should consider using VPN for data protection. Choose the VPN that meets your needs to the fullest extent. And stop worrying about business data being compromised and misused.

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