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Let Our Business Finance Suite Help Reverse the Ridiculous Number of Business Failures Out There

Published By Credit Suite at August 22nd, 2016

Let Our Business Finance Suite Help Reverse the Ridiculous Number of Business Failures Out There

What’s Really Ridiculous?

ridiculous Credit Suite2 - Let Our Business Finance Suite Help Reverse the Ridiculous Number of Business Failures Out ThereIt really is ridiculous that over 50% of businesses fail within their first 5 years of operation. What’s even more crazy is that most of those businesses could have easily succeeded. But that’s if they only had access to the capital they needed to survive and grow.

SBA reports that lack of capital is one of the biggest reasons businesses fail. And with the Business Finance Suite businesses can get the capital they need to not only survive. But they even get enough to build thriving companies.

When you offer business credit and funding to prospects through the finance suite you can solve a business owner’s biggest problem. So that’s the lack of access to necessary funding and credit. And at the same time you earn over $2,000 per sale creating another income stream for your business.

For more information, check out this video.

And certified business advisers and finance officers take over after the sale. So you don’t need to manage the clients for weeks or months. This gives you more time to make more sales.

Business owners desperately want money for their business, while many others want money to start a new business.

Our Business Finance Suite

The Business Finance Suite provides your clients with unprecedented access to funding, whether they have a new business, existing business. And even if they have good credit, or bad credit.

Unsecure credit lines up to $250,000. Get purchase order and account receivable financing. Or get merchant advances and merchant card credit. Try for inventory and equipment financing. So, even loans up to $12 million are all available through the finance suite.

And through the finance suite your clients can build exceptional business credit scores. So then they can leverage those scores to obtain large amounts of business credit. And that’s with no personal guarantee or credit check.

What’s So Great About the Business Finance Suite?

The finance suite is the only place in the world where your clients can obtain their D-U-N-S number and their Experian Smart Business credit report data at no cost.

Your clients can even monitor their business credit building in real-time by accessing full reports from Experian, Equifax, and Dun & Bradstreet right through their funding suite.

It really is ridiculous how easy fixing the cash access problem really is. That is, when you can offer business owners the finance suite. And it’s even more ridiculous how much money you can make with offering the Business Finance Suite to your clients.

It’s Not So Ridiculous Any More, Eh?

Check out this video to learn more…

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