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How to Get a Small Business Credit Report

Published By Janet Gershen-Siegel at July 7th, 2018

You Can Get a Small Business Credit Report 

Written by Janet Gershen-Siegel

Get your small business credit report today.

Your best choice as a small business owner is to remain on top of each small business credit report from PAYDEX, Equifax, and Experian. These are three big credit reporting bureaus for small business and you absolutely should check all three of them routinely. This is because they use moderately different yardsticks. Hence moving the needle for one can move the needle for both of the others, though maybe not as much.

Do not let your company credit scores slide. Because you need to catch any errors soon as you can. And also spot anything which is pulling your scores down and then take corrective measures. You can acquire your reports easily and stay right on top of all three scores by following a few basic steps.


Dun & Bradstreet’s PAYDEX score of your small business can end up as one of the prime reasons that your business gets any credit. D & B furnishes Credit Signal. It is a method to monitor your small business credit report by having the reports come immediately to you. This is for a fee.

You may find the expense is well worth it in order to avoid the troubles that can stem from letting this score slip, and to not need to produce and take care of the schedules and reminders you might need to stay on top of if you do not make use of it.

Don’t want to use of Credit Signal? Don’t worry, as you can get your PAYDEX report via D&B. And, if need be, you can reach out to their Customer Service department. This department exists as a section of Dun & Bradstreet itself.

Also, in order to review your PAYDEX report, check out what D&B provides, which is a specimen report as well as some higher level advice in how you can analyze it.

Equifax Small Business Credit Report

Equifax, one of the large credit reporting agencies, has a risk monitoring service. It is more convenient as it lets reports to go straight to you.

If you don’t want to shell out money for continual reports, you can instead order your company’s Equifax report. Furthermore, if you need to contest your small business credit report with Equifax, do so by following the information on their web site.

You can learn how to read through your Equifax report by looking into a sample of their reports.

Experian Small Business Credit Report

Experian, one more big credit reporting company, also provides a means for receiving reports sent to you for a price. Thus you can track your Experian small business credit report and score here and the setup is simple.

If you would rather not get ongoing reports (and pay for them), then order a single Experian small business credit report on their site.

Additionally, if there are any concerns or mistakes, dispute any errors on an Experian report by following directions on their site. Learn about evaluating your Experian report by assessing a sampling Experian small business credit report.


Often, it is a good idea to hand over a few dollars in order to ensure that you get your business credit reports regularly. It’s a lot more convenient than to have to always remember to do this. And you’ll probably evaluate these reports more carefully, as they come at a cost.

Continue to track and use the resources that these credit reporting agencies supply, and make your life less complicated. Because it’s obvious; you’ve already got enough on your plate.

A result of the recent data breach, there are all the more reasons to evaluate your business and personal credit reports, and be vigilant about any issues you spot. What frustrates you the most about business credit reporting?

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