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46 Crowdfunding Resources for Success

Reviewed by Ty Crandall

June 13, 2024


crowdfunding resources Credit Suite

resources for crowdfunding Credit SuiteAre you looking for crowdfunding resources? You’ve come to the right place. There are crowdfunding sites full of videos, books, articles, blogs, and even special tools to help you run the most successful campaign possible.

Of course, some of the information these resources offer will not be as useful to you as others.  It all depends on your unique needs and situation. Do take the time to browse all the crowdfunding sites, even those related specifically to a platform you do not intend to use.

You may be surprised at what you can learn and what advice can cross over.

Be aware too, that each platform has its own set of rules. Do not neglect to read the regulations and FAQs for whichever platform you choose to go forward with.

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Try These 46 Crowdfunding Resources to Help You Run a Successful Campaign

Regardless of how many crowdfunding resources you find or how successful your campaign is, you will still need to build fundability for your business.  Crowdfunding won’t work forever, and you need to be sure you have every funding option possible available to you. The best way to do that is to ensure your business is as fundable as possible.

In truth, fundability is much more important than building the perfect crowdfunding campaign.  That doesn’t mean you should give up on crowdfunding, but you definitely can’t rely on it. It may work, but it may not.  So, building fundability will ensure you have access to the funding you need throughout the life of your business.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding sites allow you to inform thousands of micro investors about your business or business idea. Anyone who wants to can invest as much or as little as they want.

Investors pledge a broad range of amounts depending on the campaign and the platform in use. They may give $50, they may give $150, or they may give over $500. Pledges can even go as low as $5.

Though not always necessary, most offer rewards to investors for their giving. Typically, this comes in the form of the product the business will be selling. Different levels of giving result in different rewards. For example, a $50 gift may get you one incentive, and a $100 gift will get you an upgraded version of that incentive, or something different all together.

Where Do You Get Started with Crowdfunding?

There are many crowdfunding sites, but the most popular are Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Many crowdfunding resources are geared toward aiding in success on these two platforms.  Much of the advice these resources offer is useful on any crowdfunding campaign, but some is specifically useful on one of these two.

The platforms are similar, but there are some very large differences. The most obvious is when you actually get the funds you raise.

For example, with Kickstarter you have to reach your preset goal before you can receive the funds. If you set a goal to raise $12,000, investments have to reach that amount before you get your hands on any of the money.

Indiegogo on the other hand lets you choose if you want to receive funds as they come in or wait until you reach your goal. In addition, they have the option for InDemand, which lets you continue to raise funds after your initial campaign is over.  There is no need to start a new campaign.

Indiegogo also has a flexible funding option for those who may need it.

To make the choice for yourself, you need to figure out who your audience is, and which platform will best reach them.

The internet is full of advice and tools to help you fund a fabulous crowdfunding campaign. We’ve gathered some of them here in one place so you can get the best start possible.

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Platform Specific Crowdfunding Resources

Like I said, you’ll find many crowdfunding resources are geared toward help on a specific platform. Remember though, don’t underestimate a resource that is not geared toward your platform.  Certain aspects can be helpful regardless of the platform you use.


Here are some great crowdfunding resources to help with success on Kickstarter.

  1. Hacking Kickstarter by Tim Ferriss
  2. The Language that Gets People to Give: Phrases that Predict Success on Kickstarter
  3. Stonemaier Games — Kickstarter Lessons
  4. Kickstarter Stats You Can Use
  5. We also liked Kickstarter Step-By-Step: Making $15,000 in 28 hours
  6. Kickstarter Forum
  7. Better tools for project creators
  8. Kickstarter Calculator
  9. Kickstarter Creator Handbook
  10. The Five Dollar Movie
  11. Potato Salad: By the Numbers
  12. Kickstarter’s 2-billionth dollar statistics
  13. Kickstarter Stats (official)
  14. What Successful Kickstarter Campaigns Have In Common
  15. How Much Is A Tweet Worth for a Kickstarter Campaign?
  16. How our $500K Kickstarter Crashed And Burned
  17. Why 84% of Kickstarter’s top projects shipped late
  18. The Kickstarter Fulfillment Report
  19. Comix Tribe Kickstarter Resources
  20. Kickstartup
  21. Kicktraq
  22. Kickstarter Budget Tool


Here are some crowdfunding resources geared toward Indiegogo users.

  1. Indiegogo — 12 Insights for 2012
  2. Indiegogo Playbook
  3. E-Sources for Crowdfunding Campaigners
  4. Loochi

Other Specific

These crowdfunding resources are geared toward specific platforms other than Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

  1. BackersHub Facebook Group
  2. Reddit Crowdfunding Thread
  3. RocketHub Success School
  4. Pozible Handbook
  5. FirstGiving Handbook
  6. PledgeMe Project Guide

Non-Platform Specific Crowdfunding Resources

These resources are not directed toward success on any specific crowdfunding platform.  Rather they can offer inspiration and direction on techniques and circumstances that should work regardless of the platform you choose.


These video crowdfunding resources may be useful.

  1. Emily Best on Why Filmmakers Make The Worst Crowdfunding Videos
  2. Taking the shame out of self-promotion
  3. What getting rejected says about you

Other Crowdfunding Resources

The following crowdfunding resources do not really fit into another category so we are calling them miscellaneous.

  1. Show Me the Money! An Analysis of Project Updates During Crowdfunding Campaigns
  2. I crowdfunded my PhD research
  3. The Two-Step Method for Easy Press Coverage
  4. The Era Of The Crowdfunded Business
  5. Pay Caesar His Due
  6. Crowdfunding hardware is harder than you think
  7. Crowdfunding Campaign Tools
  8. 5 Effective and Free Publicity Tools to Boost Your Crowdfunding Campaign
  9. The Secret To Getting Exposure From Influencers (video)
  10. 6 Research-backed ways to get more followers on Twitter, Facebook, G+ and more
  11. Crowdfunding Forum

Don’t Put all your Eggs in the Crowdfunding Basket

Crowdfunding is a great option, but the cold hard fact is that it rarely works.  There are far more campaigns that fail than see success. Even those that are successful often end up not raising enough funds.  Then, entrepreneurs end up needing to seek out funds from other sources.

These other sources may  include loans, invoice financing, and lines of credit.  Of course, grants are an option too. However, they are few and far between.  Furthermore, competition for grants is fierce. That leaves the financing options, and to be eligible for those, your business has to be fundable.

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Get all Your Proverbial Ducks in a Row

Crowdfunding is a legitimate option, and these 46 crowdfunding resources can help you on your road to success.  But, you have to you have to know you can get funding if crowdfunding doesn’t work out.

If your business is fundable, you will be able to access pretty much any funding you need now and into the future.  You won’t have to worry about the ability to qualify for a loan, line of credit, or any other type of financing. This will help ensure your business can run and grow long into the future, even when the crowdfunding funds run out.

About the author 

Faith Stewart

Faith has a BBA with a major in Accounting, and a combined 20 years of experience in the fields of finance and account.

Before switching to writing, she spent 10 years working in various areas of small business and personal finance and accounting, including working as a public auditor at BKD, LLP, Financial Director at Central Arkansas Development Council, and Commercial Credit Analyst at Farmer's Bank and Trust.

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