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Credit Line Hybrid: The Top Option for Unsecured Business Financing You Probably Don’t Know About

Published By Faith Stewart at April 28th, 2020

Credit Line Hybrid: The Top Option for Unsecured Business Financing You Probably Don’t Know About

Do you need cash for your business fast? Do you want to avoid putting up collateral but like the lower interest is usually affords? You need the Credit Line Hybrid. How could a credit line hybrid help you fund your business?

Credit Line Hybrid Financing: The Top Option for Unsecured Business Financing You Probably Don’t Know About

Whether the economy is booming or in the depths of a recession, one thing never changes.  All businesses need funding.  There are many funding options available. The one that will work best for you depends on a number of factors.  You need to know about and understand all of the options to make an educated decision.  Here is a quick 101 on what is available, how you get it, and a bonus option you probably did not know about, the Credit Line Hybrid.

Credit Line Hybrid: An Amazing Happy Medium

What if there were an option that allowed you to have an even better interest rate than a secured loan, and yet get the money faster and easier than any type of traditional funding.  What if you could get business funding without having to supply bank statements or check stubs? Imagine that you could get funding in a few days rather than weeks without supplying any collateral or documents? This is exactly what the credit line hybrid allows you to do. 

What is a Credit Line Hybrid? 

A credit line hybrid is basically revolving, unsecured financing. It’s similar to an unsecured business line of credit, but revolving, link a credit card. It allows you to fund your business without putting up collateral, and you only pay back what you use.  

Credit Line Hybrid: Qualifications? 

How hard is it to qualify?  Not as hard as you may think.  You do need good personal credit.  That is, your personal credit score should be at least 685.  In addition, you can’t have any liens, judgments, bankruptcies or late payments.  Furthermore, in the past 6 months you should have less than 5 credit inquiries, and you should have less than a 45% balance on all business and personal credit cards.  It is also best that you have established business credit as well as personal credit. 

If you do not meet all of the requirements, it is okay. You can take on a credit partner that meets each of these requirements.  Many business owners work with a friend or relative to fund their business.  If a relative or a friend meets all of these requirements, they can partner with you to allow you to tap into their credit to access funding. 

What are the Benefits of a Credit Line Hybrid? 

There are many benefits to using a credit line hybrid.  First, it is unsecured, meaning you do not have to have any collateral to put up.  Next, the funding is what is referred to as “no doc”.  This means you do not have to provide any bank statements or financials.  

Not only that, but typically approval is up to 5x that of the highest credit limit on the personal credit report. Additionally, often you can get interest rates as low as 0% for the first few months, allowing you to put that savings back into your business. 

The process is pretty fast, especially with a qualified expert to walk you through it.  One other benefit is this.  With the approval for multiple credit cards, competition is created.  This makes it easier, and likely even if you handle the credit responsibly, that you can get interest rates lowered and limits raised every few months. 

683955 Credit Line Hybrid CTA 1 052621 min - Credit Line Hybrid: The Top Option for Unsecured Business Financing You Probably Don’t Know About

Credit Line Hybrid Financing: Get up to $150,000 in financing so your business can thrive.

How to Best Use the Funds Available Through a Credit Line Hybrid

Maybe you think you do not need funding.  Everything is bumping along just fine, and there is no reason to access any additional funds.  Even if you are not in a dire situation, there are a ton of ways to use additional funds to help your business continue to grow.  Here are some tips on how to use funds from a credit line hybrid to best benefit your business. 

Tips for Using a Credit Line Hybrid

  1. Pay off higher interest debt to lower monthly payments and increase credit score. Imagine using a 0% interest credit line to pay off a number of high interest credit cards.  You could literally save yourself hundreds of dollars a month that can then be put back into your business. 
  2. Bridge a cash gap due to slow collections or seasonal issues. You could never have to worry or stress about large invoices being paid slowly or slow business in the off season ever again.
  3. Cover bills during a global pandemic. Can you relate? COVID-19 turned the whole economy on its head.  Funds from a credit line hybrid can help you stay above water without waiting for or just hoping you can get government relief.
  4. Buy inventory in bulk to take advantage of promotional pricing. You know you’ve seen it happen.  Your best seller goes on sale with the wholesale company. But you can’t buy as much as you want at the discounted price because of cash flow. 
  5. Grow and expand your business by adding equipment, adding on to your building, or even opening a new location. 
  6. Fund updates and repairs. Do not let the little things, or big things, slide any longer because you can’t pay for it.  Get the repairs you need, do the updates that need doing, and watch your business thrive. 
  7. Nothing.  Leave it alone until you need it.  None of us can see into the future.  A safety net is always a good idea.

Bonus:  You can even use a credit line hybrid to help with the cost of starting a brand new business. 

A Credit Line Hybrid Can Help You Build Business Creditcredit line hybrid inline - Credit Line Hybrid: The Top Option for Unsecured Business Financing You Probably Don’t Know About

Building business credit is vital to the success of your business, and a credit line hybrid can help you do just that.  The key is, a credit line hybrid includes approval for multiple business credit cards at once.  If your business is set up properly, they will report your on-time payments to the business credit reporting agencies.  These include Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, and Equifax mostly, though there are others. Not all of them report to all of the CRAs, but some of them report to at least one.  Each account reporting consistent on-time payments helps you build strong business credit. 

Why Does Building Business Credit Matter? 

Business credit is one piece of your business’s overall fundability. In fact, it is the biggest piece of fundability.  However, the other things that contribute to the fundability of your business are important as well.  Each one is needed, and the stronger each piece is the stronger your overall fundability is.  In contrast, one weak link can bring it all tumbling down.  Still, without strong business credit, none of it really works. 

Business credit allows you to access money for your business without putting your personal credit at risk.  If your business goes south and your business credit tanks, it will not impede your ability to buy a car or a house. 

Also, you can access more funds using business credit than with personal credit.  That is because credit limits on business credit cards are typically much higher than those on personal cards. 

Fundability, in the simplest terms, is the ability of your business to get funding. When lenders consider funding your business, does it appear to them to be a good idea to make the loan?  What do they look at to make that determination? What plays into fundability other than business credit?

Other Business Funding Options Besides a Credit Line Hybrid

The credit line hybrid really is a great option.  In fact in most cases, it is likely the best option.  However, it is not always enough.  What other business funding options are out there? 

SBA Loans

In addition to the SBA funding set up through the CARES Act, regular SBA programs are still out there.  SBA loans are guaranteed by the Small Business Administration.  Typically, they are issued by participating lenders, mostly banks. 

While they sound awesome, they are not as easy to get as you might imagine.  The process is certainly more complicated and lengthy than that of applying for a credit line hybrid.  Basically, SBA loans are traditional loans from traditional lenders, but they come with a government guarantee.  This means lenders can relax a little on credit score requirements.  Also, interest rates are lower.  However, there is still a lot of red tape and time involved.

683955 Credit Line Hybrid CTA 1 052621 min - Credit Line Hybrid: The Top Option for Unsecured Business Financing You Probably Don’t Know About

Credit Line Hybrid Financing: Get up to $150,000 in financing so your business can thrive.

Alternative Lender Loans

These are term loans, but they are offered by private lenders rather than traditional financial institutions.  The appeal of these lenders is that they generally offer loans to those with much lower credit scores than what is offered by regular banks and credit unions.  Some will lend funds without even checking credit. 

Typically, you get the money very fast.  Sometimes you can have funding in your account in as little as a couple of days. 

There is a trade-off, however.  You have to weight the pros and cons when it comes to alternative lenders. They almost universally have higher interest rates and less favorable terms.

Invoice Financing

This is a form of business funding that uses open invoices as security.  Money comes fast, but interest rate and terms can vary depending on the age of the invoices. 

That of course, means that you must have open invoices to qualify.  Consequently, you must be extending credit to customers in some form.  Usually this involves invoices with net terms, such as net 30, 60, or 90.  

Then, you turn those invoices over to a factoring company.  They give you an agreed upon percentage of the total of the invoices, such as 80%.  You get this amount of money immediately.  When your customer pays, the factoring company keeps their agreed upon fee, and they send you the rest.  

Merchant Cash Advance

This is similar to inventory financing, except funding is based on average daily credit card sales.  Then, payment is made from future credit card sales, automatically. 

Lines of Credit

These come from all of the same types of lenders we’ve mentioned already, with the same general requirements.  However, this is revolving credit, more like a credit card.  Interest rates are typically lower than credit cards, and the application process is virtually exactly like that of a term loan at the corresponding lender. They are available through both traditional banks and private lenders.

Business Credit Cards

This is revolving credit that is usually easier to get than a line of credit.  However, the interest rate is almost universally higher, depending on your credit score.  In some cases, there are rewards that, in addition to easy access, make these a good option.  You will need to research a lot of business credit cards to find the ones that work best for your business needs.

683955 Credit Line Hybrid CTA 1 052621 min - Credit Line Hybrid: The Top Option for Unsecured Business Financing You Probably Don’t Know About

Credit Line Hybrid Financing: Get up to $150,000 in financing so your business can thrive.

Credit Line Hybrid and Other Business Funding Options: Tying it All Together

So, which one of these options will be the best one for your business?  It depends on a huge number of factors.  First, you have to figure out what you qualify for.  That means knowing both your personal and business credit score.  

Then, you have to determine exactly how much you need, and how fast you need it. That will make a huge difference in the type of lender and the type of product you apply for.  Remember, the Credit Line Hybrid will allow you to access a fairly large amount quickly. Also, you can qualify even if your personal credit score isn’t the best by taking a credit partner with a good credit score. 

Credit Line Hybrid: This Could Be the Answer

The truth of the matter is that there are many options for business funding.  However, most business owners do not know about the Credit Line Hybrid.  It can be a great option for low introductory rates and building business credit.  

Then, you can access the financing you need and build business credit at the same time.  You can also combine credit line hybrid funds with any of the other business funding options mentioned to bridge any gaps that may show up for whatever reason. As our global economy continues to change, you can still get funding for your business. Our hybrid credit line could be just what you need to survive and thrive – and come out of the COVID-19 crisis in an even better financial position.

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