CAN Capital (CC) Online Lender Review

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CAN Capital (CC) Online Lender Review

Published By Janet Gershen-Siegel at March 24, 2018

ss rating review stars 1200x480 - CAN Capital (CC) Online Lender Review>

CAN Capital (CC) is one of many online lending companies. The company offers working capital and small business loans. We look at the specifics and drill down into the details about CAN Capital. CAN Capital was given every opportunity to communicate with us about the following review.


CAN Capital (CC) is located online here: Their physical addresses are in New York, NY; Kennesaw, Georgia; and San José, Costa Rica. You can call them at: (877) 550-4731. Their contact page is here: They have been in business since 1998, which is far longer than a lot of the other players in the online lending space.

With no listed APR, a comparison tool will have to do. See:

Term Loans (Small Business Funding)

Funds are sent in days. CAN Capital wants daily fixed payments with automatic withdrawals. The funding is $2,500 – 150,000 per location. Their terms are 6 – 18 months. There is no personal collateral required. Minimum annual revenue seems to be $54,000, according to: It also (per that link) appears to be that the minimum required personal FICO score is 640, with a four year minimal time in business requirement as well.


A CAN Capital term loan comes with a 3% origination fee. In addition, CAN Capital will offer a prepayment discount but only during the first 90 days after the term for the loan starts. APR is not listed but is calculated by Super Money as ranging from 16% to 70%.

Merchant Capital Advances

Funds are sent to you in days. Funding works out $2,500 – 150,000 per location. There are variable daily payments and there is no maturity date.


A CAN Capital merchant capital advance comes with a $395 administrative fee.


Advantages include no prepayment penalty. In fact, there is a prepayment discount. The funding is provided quickly and with no personal collateral requirement. Plus this online lender’s experience provides an assurance that the company, or some form thereof, will be around tomorrow.


Disadvantages include their administrative and origination fees. The variable daily payments for merchant capital advances mean that budgeting becomes that much more difficult. The APR is not listed for term loans. However, is here: According to that site, the APR runs from 16% – 70%. If Super Money is correct, then the APR at CAN Capital is outrageously high.


Companies will do best with CAN Capital if they can pay their debts off early. Not only will they not get a prepayment, they will also, potentially, avoid the worst APR.

CAN Capital’s time in business may be a factor if you have business partners or a Board of Directors who are rather conservative and therefore skeptical of online lending. With its two decades in the business, CAN Capital’s experience should help to alleviate those sorts of objections.

However, for companies which are expecting payments later, CAN Capital’s fees and exorbitant maximum APR – and the fact that the company makes it very difficult to calculate the latter – should give borrowers pause. Entrepreneurs would do better with unsecured business loans or building business credit, or maybe even crowdfunding or angel investing, versus going with this particular online lender.

And finally, as with every other lending program, whether online or offline, remember to always read the fine print and do the math. Be sure to go over the details with a fine-toothed comb, and decide whether this option will be good for you and your company. In addition, consider alternative financing options that go beyond lending, including building business credit, in order to best decide how to get the money you need to help your business grow.

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