Building a Facebook Page for Your Small Business

Facebook Page for Your Small Business

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Building a Facebook Page for Your Small Business

Published By Janet Gershen-Siegel at January 11, 2018

Facebook Page for Your Small Business>

Build a Facebook Page for Your Small Business Today

How do you go about building a company Facebook page for your small business the right way, from the start? How do you get people to like it, without feeling out of your depth?

You may have been in business for a few years or months or days, or even several. Nevertheless, for whatever reason, your small business is not on Facebook yet. It could be that you’ve been busy. Or perhaps you, specifically, can’t stand Facebook and you don’t truly want to invest any time there. Or you think you have to hire a person to supervise it, and it’s just not in the budget. And if you have to specifically oversee it, it can feel a lot like the loading of an additional chore on you.

Starting a Facebook Presence

One thing with respect to Facebook is that it has come to be so widespread that it is more or less what the old Yellow Pages used to be. It is the place where customers get plumbing service recommendations, make restaurant reservations, get soft drink coupons, and check out blog posts from businesses. It is also the place where customers consume a ton of promotional copy each day.

Also, you may determine that even if you really don’t want a Facebook presence for your local business, it could very well exist already. Really? Why? This is for the reason that if your service or product is beloved, then your potential customers might wish to commemorate that. And if your business has goofed up way too many times, they may be going onto Facebook to grumble about your small business, or even to warn people away.

Let It Go – Seriously!

You cannot regulate every aspect of the discussion, nor should you try. Nevertheless, you can respond to the negatives with positives. You can have a presence to reply to concerns or even put up a FAQ (frequently asked questions) so that your customers don’t have to speculate.

Basic details which include your company’s location, phone number, business hours, and a way of getting in touch with customer support, and a map or directions? These should all be no-brainers.

Restaurants can include their menus. Hardware stores can showcase their goods or maybe host an unpretentious ‘Ask the Handyman’ corner. Truck companies can put up maps of where their truck drivers go. A pet store can set up a web cam for the fish tanks. The only limit is your imagination.

Doing More

Want to do more? There are companies which handle basically all of their customer service via the internet. If you don’t want to, you can always at minimum present a means of contact. But realize that people could still want to have you take care of customer service on the web.

You can use Facebook as a place to introduce a new product line or that you’re opening a new store location. Or you can also offer promo codes to print. Or tell the story of your company’s beginning and how you got started.

Handling Crises on Facebook

You could even find you are handling a social media or other crisis through Facebook. So what happens if your hummus has listeria bacteria in it? What if your company building had a flood and records were lost? Or what if you must let go a lot people?

While you wouldn’t be reporting layoffs on Facebook, you might need it as a place to answer questions. You might even want to use it to ensure customers that your company is still in business and looking to thrive. Also, you can assure people that you will hire those employees back when you can. There are a lot of options for how to handle a crisis online, but sweeping it under the rug and ignoring it is not an option.

Consequently, you are going to need a gathering place. It ought to be your business’s Facebook page. Here’s how to get going.

Pages Versus Groups

Why do you want or the other? What does it really matter?

Groups, as might you might expect, enable more discussion. However, everybody is on a somewhat equal footing in terms of delivering web content. And if that is what you want, then naturally that is perfectly fine. However, if you are looking to only sell your own wares, then a group is not going to help you much.

Rather, your own messages will be lost in the shuffle of everyone else’s content and messaging. As the administrator, however, you can get rid of any discussions you do not wish to see. This can get tiresome, plus you lose the complete discussions.

With a page, you are the site owner/administrator. You make the content, which other folks respond to. This can consist of commenting, and those comments can include web links. If you want those comments and links gone, you can get rid of them. But this a project which is also destined to become tedious. But at the very least the overall discussions would continue. Your post will still exist.

However, there is one caveat about deleting comments. Delete too many, and participants will feel that you are censoring discussions. So don’t go nuts with deleting.

Your Facebook Page’s Look and Feel

We have all seen branding for our favorite commercial organizations. So this is whether it is the shade of green for Starbucks and its products, or the use of a mascot/spokes-character like Flo from Progressive Insurance. Or it could be the backward ‘R’ in the old Toys ‘R’ Us store signs.

For your Facebook page, your internet site, your Twitter stream, and your background photo, it pays to brand these particular items. Branding can be subtle, for instance, a color scheme, or more sophisticated, with the creation of a specific logo for your page.

Creating a Facebook Page

Facebook is frequently altering the means of performing tasks, as it is continually A/B testing. That is, it tests which arrangement or color scheme, etc. gets you to click more. Presently, the way to create a page is, click Pages on the left side of your feed then click Create a Page. Then pick the page type that you really want. Include the name of your business and then click Get Started.

Seriously, it’s that straightforward.

Now go make a Facebook page! Learn more here and get started toward building the business of your dreams.

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