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Tierra Allen: How Woman Outshine the Male-Dominated Trucking Industry

Tierra Allen is also known as the sassy trucker. She’s been driving trucks for 3 years.

She has her YouTube channel The sassy trucker with more than 12 thousand subscribers and counting. Her contents are about trucking and travelling.

During the show we discuss:

● Entering a Male Dominated Industry

● Starting trucking

● How trucking community grow throughout the years for women

● Best things in being a trucker

● How pandemic affects truckers

● How women in trucking deals with flat tires and other mechanical aspects

● Tips on Flatbed maintenance

● The most challenging part of being a trucker

● Making a Youtube Channel and growing the community

● Growing a loyal tribe of subscribers

● Showing your true self to audience

● Surprising lessons learned along the way

Show resources:

The Sassy Trucker


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